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National construction Authority asked to probe the collapse of kakamega stadium

Posted by African Press International on November 24, 2016

By Dickens Wasonga.

An aspiring candidate for gubernatorial seat in Kakamega county now wants the national construction authority to conduct thorough investigation into how a stadium under construction in the area collapsed.

Mabel Muruli who went to court to compel IEBC to insert her missing name into the list of candidates in 2013 polls said that the construction authority would be the best suited agency to conduct the probe and communicate the findings to the public.

Speaking in mumias last week after launching Mabel Muruli tournament the aspirant said the collapse of the stadium which was still under construction was a clear confirmation of the fears by many that construction works were being awarded to cow boy constructors who do shoddy work and thus denying tax payers value for money .

She also called on the Authority to black list all the contractors who use corrupt means to win tenders and fail to deliver quality projects even after consuming millions of shillings from public coffers .

. Muruli questioned the competency of engineers from the county who were supervising the construction on behalf of the client and suggested that they be held accountable for the damage .

" what happened in Kakamega must be condemned in the strongest terms . what if the wall caved in while the stadium was hosting a match or something? It would have been tragic. All this could have been avoided if the county went for contractors who are known to have delivered timely and quality projects and not those that do shoddy job" Muruli added.

The stadium whose cost is estimated at sh 300 million collapsed due to what many have described as poor workmanship.

She at the same time called on the police to thoroughly investigate an incident where an office at the county was broken into.

" something fishy is going on here. Who broke into the office and why? Could this be part of a conspiracy to shield some corrupt elements in the county government of Kakamega? "

Recently some people, whom the security agencies believe were county staff allegedly visited the office before the theft was reported .

The motive behind the theft is yet to be established .

During the mumias tournament several teams from a cross the county were given complete uniforms donated by the aspirant.

Two teams also show cased their talent on football among them former AFC professional players who fought it out with Kakamega old boys .
The tournament will be used to identify talent and also to encourage youths to engage in sports and avoid criminal acts and drug abuse.

Teams who win will be given shs 150,000 and a complete uniform. Number two will get 100,000 plus the uniforms while the third position will get 50,000 plus uniforms. The fourth will take home 40,000 and complete set of uniform. A team dubbed Muruli FC will also be formed from the participating teams to compete at the Kenya premier league.

If elected Muruli promised to champion the interest of the youth and women and asked the youth not to be used to cause violence especially during the campaigns by politicians.

" let’s conduct clean and peaceful campaigns. Let’s preach peace throughout the county so that we elect visionary and credible leaders who will ensure public funds are utilized prudently to change your lives" she said.


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