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South Sudan rebels release detained Kenyans

Posted by African Press International on November 7, 2016

ANDUALEM SISAY -1 | Monday, november 7, 2016

Sudan Peoples Liberation Movement-In Opposition (SPLM-IO) rebels have released Kenyans they detained as retaliation after Nairobi handed over their spokesman James Gatdet Dak to the Juba government.

“Following the order of our commander in chief and leader Dr Riek Machar, we have released all Kenyan nationals in our territory. They are now free to move within our territory or even go to another country,” said Goanar Gordon Yien, an SPLM-IO official in Ethiopia.

“Even though the delivery of our spokesperson to the Juba government by the Kenyan government is against the Geneva Convention, our chairman has ordered the release of all civilian Kenyans detained following that incident.

"If the Kenya government did not want our spokesman in its territory, it could have sent him to our headquarters – Pagak, instead of sending him to the Juba regime which is known for torturing and killing civilians. Or if they found him doing harm, the Kenyan government could also have [charged him in] their own court,” he said.

Mr Yien said sources had informed the SPLM-IO that Dak was still alive and urged the international community to put pressure on the Juba government to release him.

“I hope what the Kenyan government has done to our spokesperson will not happen to another person again. We value the positive role the Kenyan government has been playing to end the conflict in South Sudan and hope that it continues to do so,” he said by phone

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