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A sigh of relief to families in Kakamega as free Hearse services is launched to help poor families in the county.

Posted by African Press International on October 30, 2016

By Dickens Wasonga.

Death normally hits a family hard. Apart from losing a dear member of the family, a friend, a relative or just someone you know, the related costs that come with burial arrangements can be very traumatic.

The body , for example has to be transferred from the morgue to deceased home. This becomes so challenging when the bereaved family is poor.

We have seen or been invited to fundraising events to support a family to transport the body of a fallen kin either from Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru or any other such urban areas back to the village.

And even in the village, we have seen bodies being transported using handcarts, wheelbarrows, motorbikes and even bicycles for those who can’t afford to hire a Hearse.

This is why the poor in the villages of Kakamega have now a reason to smile.

A politician in the area has bought a Hearse to help ferry bodies for burial for free.

The Hearse, according to Mabel Muruli will pick and deliver the bodies from any where within the country and deliver for burial in any village in Kakamega.

The only requirement is that the must be poor and unable to meet the costs.

The service is free. Those who needs assistance have been asked to visit her campaign Secretariat at Mabel Muruli center in Kakamega.

A Director at the Secretariat Mr Yusuf Ooro while confirming that the service is already being offered said they are using the Nyumba Kumi structure to identify genuine would-be beneficiaries so that only deserving cases are considered.

Mabel said she will soon launch several ambulances to be used in reaching out to the sick who are in far flung areas and needs to be rushed to hospital for health.

" The ambulance service to help rescue the patients will be launched soon and will also be free. The vehicles will be stationed at the headquarter of the Secretariat." She said.

Mabel is in the race to unseate the current Kakamega Governor Wickliffe Oparanya. She says the county government has failed to deliver on its key promises and it is time for change.

African Press International (API)

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