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Kenya: Judiciary denies claims staff unhappy over medical cover

Posted by African Press International on October 6, 2016

MAUREEN KAKAH -1 | torsdag, oktober 6, 2016

The Judiciary has denied claims that its staff are discontent with a change of their health cover provider.

In a statement, Judiciary Chief Registrar Anne Amadi said the management is committed to securing the best medical insurance for its employees within the available budget, through a transparent and accountable process.

Ms Amadi, however, admitted the Judiciary indeed withdrew its medical insurance scheme for all judges and junior staff over alleged misuse of funds.

She said the decision was reached after consultative talks were held with representatives of judicial and non-judicial staff.

“On account of the foregoing, the Judiciary decided to terminate its contract with Jubilee Insurance and to re-tender the service competitively, staff are well briefed on this matter,” Ms Amadi said.


Last month, there were reports of discontent within the Judiciary staff after the Judicial Service Commission introduced drastic restrictions regarding the medical insurance scheme.

JSC claimed that there was a noted misuse of healthcare facilities by some of its members which had resulted to hefty and unsustainable hospital bills.

The Judiciary had entered into a one-year contract with Jubilee to provide medical insurance cover for its 4,200 employees and their families in September 2015.

This meant that a total of 17,000 people were to receive health cover at a cost of Sh648 million until 2017 since the contract was renewal by a further 12 months.

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