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Family loses son to armed robbers in Githurai – headphones caused his death.

Posted by African Press International on August 13, 2016

MARY WAMBUI -1 | Jumamosi, Agosti 13, 2016

A Form Four student was on Friday night shot dead by thugs who were robbing an M-Pesa shop in Mwihoko area, Githurai in Kiambu County.

Residents who witnessed the incident said the student, Edward Mwaura, was a victim of circumstances who happened to be at that place at the wrong time.

His father John Maina Mwaura told Nation that his son left their home to visit a friend at about 7pm never to return.

Witnesses said that Mwaura was walking with his friend when the thugs raided the M-Pesa shop.

Villagers who had seen the gang robbing the mobile money transfer shop raised an alarm to warn the two friends not to go near the building.

However, Mwaura was a sitting duck because he was listening to music on headphones while his friend managed to lie down before the thugs fired at them.

“Edward’s friend heard the warnings and immediately lay down, Edward didn’t and immediately became the thieves’ target. They shot him in the chest,” said his father.

Edward’s parents heard the gunshot sounds and after sometime went to find out what was happening only to find their son lying dead in a pool of blood.

“I touched my son hoping to find him breathing but he had already succumbed to the wounds on his chest. The next thing was to plan on how to take his body to the mortuary,” he said.

The 16- year-old candidate was a student at Githurai Mixed Secondary School.

(Editing by Joel Muinde)

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