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Kenyan man brutally stabbed 37 times in US

Posted by African Press International on July 30, 2016

ANTONY KARANJA -1 | Jumamosi, Julai 30, 2016


A Kenyan man is in critical condition in a US hospital with multiple stab wounds after a brutal attack.

Kennedy Odhiambo, 38, suffered serious injuries after an American man attacked him and stabbed him 37 times at his home in Arlington, Texas, about 30 miles (48km) west of Dallas.

His sister Anna Obare, who spoke to the Nation, said Mr Odhiambo had a female visitor at his home and it is believed that she called the attacker at some point around 8pm (4am Kenyan time).

The attacker came over to the residence and Odhiambo let him in as he knew him. He had been providing his would-be attacker with a place to stay and even offered him food several times in the past.

The attack started immediately after the attacker gained entry into the residence and started stabbing him.

As the attack was ongoing, Mr Odhiambo’s brother Eddy Otieno arrived at the residence to visit him.

He walked into the scene and as soon as the attacker saw him, he turned on him and attempted to strangle him with a cord.

Mr Otieno was able to escape after a struggle and called the police.

The police and paramedics arrived and transported the unconscious Odhiambo to the John Peter Smith (JPS) Hospital in Fortworth, Texas, which is about 40 miles (64km) west of Dallas.


A doctor at the hospital said Mr Odhiambo is now breathing on his own and that he was lucky that he made it to the hospital on time as it would have been fatal had more time elapsed.

His brother was, however, treated and discharged. He suffered a swollen face.

The police have issued a warrant for the attacker’s arrest and are seeking to charge him assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder.

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