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Bill proposes governors be sworn in on the same day

Posted by African Press International on July 27, 2016

JEREMIAH KIPLANG’AT -1 | Jumatano, Julai 27, 2016.

The next 47 governors will be sworn in on the same day, each in an identified public place in their counties, if a Bill before the Senate becomes law.

After taking oath they will be required to make a public address touching on issues they will tackle during their tenure.

Their deputies will also be sworn in on the same day but after their bosses have taken their oaths of office.

The Assumption of the Office of Governor Bill, 2016 seeks to set the procedures for the swearing-in of county bosses after they are declared winners.

The proposed law, sponsored by Kiambu Senator Kimani Wamatangi, also requires governors to wait for three weeks before formally taking office.

According to the Bill, an Assumption of Office of Governor Committee chaired by county secretary shall conduct the swearing-in ceremony.

“The governor-elect shall be sworn in on the first Tuesday following the twenty-first day after the declaration of the result of the election of a county governor,” says the Bill now awaiting Second Reading.

The oath-taking ceremony must be done between 10 and 2pm on that day.


Proposed law aims to seal a loophole left out in the County Government Act that opened the way for arbitrary assumption of office by the county chiefs.

During the last elections, the governors took their offices without a particular order as there was a void in law to guide the ceremony.

After their oaths, it will be compulsory for them to make public addresses.

“Upon taking or subscribing to the oath or affirmation under subsection (1), the governor shall sign a certificate of inauguration in the presence of the resident High Court judge or in the absence of the resident High Court judge, the resident chief magistrate,” adds the proposed law.

Before the elapse of the last Parliament, MPs passed the Assumption of Office of the President Act, 2012 that was to guide the handing over of power after the 2013 elections.

However, they did not develop any piece of legislation for the counties.

“There is presently no legal framework governing the assumption of the office of the governor. The framework is important as it would ensure a successful and smooth transition into the office by a Governor-elect,” said Mr Wamatangi in the Bill’s memorandum of understanding.

During the three weeks before they are sworn in, the winners of the gubernatorial elections will be referred to as Governor-Elect and Deputy-governor-elect and provided with “adequate security.”

Although they will not have any say on the county affairs before being sworn-in, they will be briefed on activities taking place during the intervening period.

(Editing by Joel Muinde)

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