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Parents storm school in Kisumu to eject principal over claim she cannot account for shs 9million.

Posted by African Press International on June 30, 2016

By Dickens Wasonga.

There was drama at kanyametha secondary school on Wednesday when a section of parents stormed the institution to eject the principal Carolyn Oriwo over alleged funds mismanagement.

Police had to intervene to restore sanity during the protest against the embattled principal who took over the schools leadership three years ago.

According to the principal, the yesterday’s demo was the second such attempts to force her out of the school by people she described as malicious.

She is accused of failing to account for sh 9.2 million by those who were behind the protests but during an interview with this writer the principal said she would like to know the source of the money which her accusers claim she has embezzled.

Speaking on phone Oriwo said her woes began immediately she was elevated to head the school.

” I am a staunch Catholic but this is a ACK sponsored school. Those who don’t want me even went the Maseno South ACK Bishop Mwai Abiero to have me replaced but the Bishop didn’t buy to that. I was blocked from assuming office but the education office saved the situation ” she said.

On Monday last week she got anonymous letter delivered through courier service to her with numerous allegations. Apart from claims that she had misused sh 9.2 million, she was also accused of being arrogant, high-handedness amongst other things.

The principal said she has been tormented by a group she referred to as the village kingpins who she believe want one of their own to head the school.

” I have suffered immensely in the hands of these people who use former students here to forcefully remove me over baseless claims. On Wednesday I got information from some parents that there was a plot to have me beaten,frogmatched out of the school in full glare of the Media to fully embarrasse me. I informed the Chief,the police so that nothing could be destroyed ” Oriwo added.

She said her accusers have no tangible evidence against her and was now resorting to writing anonymous letters to the minister of education Mr Fred matiangi and staging protests to get her transferred.

Following such allegations four auditors from the ministry of education visited the school on Wednesday last week to begin investigation but the visit coincided with the parents demonstration.

When Citizen weekly reached her for comments the principal said she wasn’t arrogant as being alleged. She said she was not a push over.

She said the school which has a student population of 515 was collecting about 3 to 4 million shillings annually if it manage to get school fees collected a hundred percent. The school also received about 1.5 m from the ministry every year which goes into paying workers,buying text and exercise books and the general management of the institution.

” why can’t they come out with evidence and table it. Why are they hidding under anonymous letters if they are honest . from the time I have been in this school, I don’t know where the 9.2 million they allege I squandered came from. They keep killing my character in the Media which is unacceptable ” she said

Oriwo said she has good rapport with the students and most parents in the school adding that she made to boost enrolment from 312 when she took over to the current number of 512.

” they think now I am misusing the funds because the enrolment is high. They want to install a new principal who is from the local community. Even the new BOG chairman who is not from the same clan is not their favorite. Because he is from Kano, they believe we’re colluding to siphon school funds which is not true” said Oriwo.

Another thing at the center of the row at the school is the girls dormitory project.

There are allegations that she has misused the 2.2 million that was intended for the project but the principal said that the project was funded by CDF of Kisumu West constituency and its implementation was not under her docket.

” I am really frustrated with the ongoings at the school. I am ready to leave if my employer see it fit but now investigation is underway ,we will know the truth. ” she said


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