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German national, a CEO robbed at kiboko bay hotel in Kisumu

Posted by African Press International on June 30, 2016

By our investigative reporter.

Unknown number of thugs scaled down a perimeter fence and stole from a German national at the luxurious kiboko bay hotel in Kisumu recently.

Although the hotel tried to keep the incident underraps ,even denying that a client lost items ,we investigated and the police confirmed that the theft indeed occurred. Probably to keep the good name and imageof the hotel,they decided it was wise to remain tight-lipped.

We also established that the German guest was the CEO of Friedrich Ebert Shifting foundation and was putting up at the hotel during his stay in Kisumu for workshop which was happening at Tom Mboya labour college.

According to the police sources, the guest lost three mobile phones, iPad a lap top. An official from the foundation who first tipped the journalists about the incident but sought anonymity said the CEO also lost alot of cash in Euros .

We established that three guards who were present at the time of the incident had been arrested by the police officers from Nyalenda patrol base and will be charged with failing to stop a felony.

The three night guards work with Rriley falcon security firm of Kisumu which has been securing the premises. The others who were also working during the day were immediately transferred following the incident which could be an inside job.

The foreigner was sleeping in the luxurious tented cottages when the thugs cut away the tent and gained entry. But the guest never noticed it because he was in deep slumber. When he woke up the following morning he discovered that he had lost some of his personal stuff including clothes that were later retrieved from the fence hanging there.

The owner of the hotel denied knowledge of the theft only insisting that the only item which was stolen was a plasma TV which he said was picked up by the thugs from an adjacent tented cottage to that of the German national.

Kiboko bay is one of the leading luxury hotel in Kisumu and attracts high-end guests including MPs who like to while away time there when in the lake side city. Mike Mbuvi sonko,the Nairobi Senator once spent a night there when he was invited Kisumu East MP shakil shabir to a function in Kisumu.

It is believed to be a secure place given the impossing perimeter wall fence and the fact that it sits on the lake shore and thugs escaping or gaining the premises could be forced to use a boat if to manuvuor .

The owner of the hotel is also associated with the prestigious hotels like The Vic,monami which are located near mega city mall.


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