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Kisumu deputy governor Ruth Odinga says corruption among county staff is rampant

Posted by African Press International on June 29, 2016

By Dickens Wasonga

Kisumu county deputy governor Ruth Odinga has accused some officers in the county government of perpetrating graft .

Speaking at Tom Mboya labour college on Monday odinga said there was a cartel that was asking for bribes whenever recruitment is going on at the county government.

She claimed that a section of the public service board were not only part of the cartel but were giving out jobs to applicants from a clan from the county at the expense of the other regions .

The deputy governor said corruption which was becoming rampant among the some county officials was affecting service delivery to the residents who are allegedly asked for kitu kidogo to be sed.

She said constructors and job seekers were the worst affected by the corrupt behavior of these officials.

” Those seeking jobs are made to pay between 100,000 and 200,000 to be favoured depending on the job applied for. This is unacceptable and must stop .we will sack and arrest the corrupt elements within us” she said.

The deputy governor also lashed out at the public servants at the county whom she accused of meddling in politics and asked them to immediately resign.

” it is only me,the Governor and the MCAs who are politicians and are allowed to play politics here. If you are a public servant and you want to be in politics then resign .I have noticed some of of you are meddling openly too much into politics” she pointed out.

Last month the county government of Kisumu placed an advert in the local dailies warning members of the public not to give bribes while seeking employment at the county.

The advert said it had come to the attention of the county government that some people were soliciting for bribes while promising to help certain applicants secure jobs.

There have been numerous claims that jobs were being dished out to people based on clanism and on corruption.

The Governor himself was once quoted in a section of the Media warning that action would be taken against any officer in his government found to be involved in any corrupt practice.

Not long ago, nine officials of the county government were suspended by the county secretary Mr Humphrey Nakitari over alleged mismanagement of Kisumu MEK Sacco funds.

Nakitari gave out suspension letters to the officers following an audit report by the commissioners appointed by the ministry of cooperative which revealed the loss of ksh 45 million.



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