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Posted by African Press International on June 16, 2016


The ongoing traffic police vetting has brought out the ” golden hidden talents” of our law enforcement officers who have managed to build multi million empires ”doing side hustles either as enterprising ”business people or incredible farmers”. Were they hired for the wrong job?

Nearly 95 per cent of the police officers attached to the traffic department across Nyanza region and their counterparts from neighboring western ,who appeared before the Johnston Kavuludi led commission in Kisumu’s Tom Mboya labor college claimed to have made their fortunes either as farmers” or were engaging in ”business”.

However one officer from Kisumu , Constable John Ngugi made his money, save for salaries, as a blessed musician.

Ngugi told the Kavuludi led team that he has posted his songs online. He even sang to the commissioners when he appeared after being asked to try to entertain them a little by the team’s chair.

He was getting up to 100,000 in royalties paid to him by the music copy right body. He also makes 30,000 whenever he sis invited to perform. While in Nairobi, his earnings were good because he would perform at the night clubs although he has never thought of joining the police band to sing .

While most officers from the Kisii region insisted that the members of the public were very hostile to them and hence had to be armed to deal with them, one policeman appeared to contradict himself when he claimed that the same hostile public had at one point flocked the Kisii police station to bail him out when he was sick.

Police Constable Elias Kipkosgey, who has been in service for 18 years and served in traffic department since the year 2012 was hard-pressed to explain why he received about Ksh 400,000 from an mpesa agent based in Kisii town where he is based on his mobile line.

He told the commissioners that the money was from his colleagues and civilians who acted as well wishers. Apparently, Kipkosgey had been ill and was reportedly admitted at the a hospital in Eldoret town when the well wishers sent the money.

He said this was after word went round that he was sick and people were flocking the station to see him and wish him well. However he could not convince the commissioners why all these ”well wishers” appeared to have been using the same mpesa agent and not their individual lines to transact.

A Kisumu based rider police Constable Bernard Marawoshe appeared shocked when he was informed by a lawyer representing Law Society of Kenya in the panel that within 2012 and 2013 he had transacted over Ksh 6 million through the Mpesa alone .

” Sir, I think the transactions you have mentioned must have been beyond those two years ” said the officer. But he was quickly reminded by lawyer Onyango Jamisumba that the commission was relying on information which he himself provided .

The rider had told the commission that he had plots in Taita Taveta where he was doing farming. He said he was cultivating maize , beans and bananas which he sells in Kongowea market in Mombasa.

He said he would earn about 1 million from the farm produce and had two room rental building from which he would earn sh 6000 per month. He said he was also in the GSU where he earned a lot of allowances during escort duties .

However all the explanations did not convince the team who clarified that even if he earned 28,000 monthly without any deductions ,being a constable, and the 1 million earnings from the farm together with the sh 192 000 from his rental property, he would still not be able to account for the over 6 million he transacted in the to yer period.

The commission observed that his declarations were inconsistent and was directed to provide the panel with accurate information about his wealth and how he acquired it by refiling the wealth declaration form a fresh.

” You will have to give the secretariat the information because what you have told us about the farm earnings, salary and the rental property can only add to about 2.8 million for the two years of focus by the commission but the deposits are in excess of 6 million” said Kavuludi .

It was also a tough moment for police constable Patrick Mumo from Kisii traffic base. Not only had he been arrested by officers from the ethics and anti corruption commission three days to his vetting alongside three other traffic officers for allegedly collecting bribes from motorists along Kisii Kilgoris road, but was also accused of defying his boss not to appear for vetting.

Mumo had been directed by his boss inspector Albert Too to appear before a disciplinary committee for the police orderly proceedings following his arrest by the EACC sleuths .

He however defied the directive by his superiors and when he appeared before the National Police Service Commission he said he did so to respond to the summons by the commission earlier.

Police constable Zachary Kimaru has made fortune selling charcoal in Bondo town where he is stationed as a side hustle. He said he would earn 100,000 from the sales which said explains his many deposits.

Police Constable Stephen Kirui who is based in Migori also did booming ”business and is also into serious farming”.

He said besides being a farmer in Kericho he has a tractor which is hired out to plough both in Kerich and in Migori . He also has a power -saw which is used by his brother to fell trees and the earnings are impressive.

One of his in laws also operates a taxi business in Migori where he is stationed and this explains the frequent mpesa transactions he made between him and the operator because he would be the one remitting money to the owner of the taxi who happens to be his brother in law.

The name of a businessman based in Kisumu kept appearing in Mpesa transactions of some officers from of the officers who appeared before the panel. A Mr. Kotecha, whom the commission learnt was a transporter and contractor would give the officers money just in good faith.

An officer who appeared before the National Police Service Commission said the man was just helping them .

He has ‘a good heart’ so the officer said’. But commissioners asked him why the man was not helping other people from the other professions, say such as the teachers for example.

But in the sidelines of the grueling exercise , a bitter officer who wished not to be identified because he was spoke to reporters after the vetting claimed they were being targeted even by some journalists especially a TV reporter and his driver in Kisumu whom he alleged has been filming and extorting money from them with impunity never witnessed. They use threats of being exposed if the cops don’t comply.

” This reporter and his driver has collected hundreds of thousands of shillings from us. They strategically film us when we are working and then bring the footage to our seniors and demand money so that the clip is not forwarded to Nairobi for airing”

He claimed the notorious TV man and his driver would collect between 40 000 to 60,000 from every traffic base in western, Nyanza and Kericho and Bomet so that the stories are killed. He claimed the duo were once roughed up in Kakamega while doing the same thing.

” The two who are always using the company car are ruthless and can be so intimidating. The TV station they work for is associated with one senior Jubilee official so we fear and usually claim they even work closely with anti graft officers who allegedly provide the clips sometimes TO to them . This is also an act of corruption which should be fought because why don’t they just film and air recordings if they are weeding out corruption through their media house associated with the top man in government ” he added.

The duo are said to have been collecting cash from the cops with threats that they would expose their acts when the Kavuludi team is in Kisumu.

The commission which heads to Nairobi after Kisumu exercise has sacked 302 traffic officers who failed to appear before it for vetting . Recently they were in Mombasa. In Kisumu 234 officers were vetted.



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