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A suspected conman by name Dr Omondi is masquerading in Kericho county pretending to represent the Kenya Bureau of statistics on recruitment mission.

Posted by African Press International on June 15, 2016

This man is visiting schools and colleges promising jobs against a payment of ksh 1200 per person.
It is unfortunate because unsuspecting students are paying the money in hope of acquiring jobs which in reality doesn’t exist.

We will bring you a comprehensive story about his activities as soon as we complete our investigation.
He claims to represent the Kenya Bureau of statistics.

On confronting Dr Omondi by phone, he send us the following messages that we now publish unedited.

Message one:

“have goten enaf today,kericho high sent 1200 each,tengech 15 sent 1200 each,that bogus colege 4800,KTTC 20 sent 1200 each am left with 4 coleges in kericho b4 i embark on another county.”

Message two:

“tell ua people to be smart its hardly 3 months that the ward reps sent 400 names n we cleaned them,mbona wanasahau haraka,the game goes on.”

Message three:

“a big one thats how i managed to bring up my 3 gorofas n started my fleet cabs,kenya,man eat man society,ask waiguru.”

Message four:

“am now waiting for nys recruitment am sure of atleast 1M in kericho alone coz my men in the wards are chonjo to bring names kama mvua.”

It is for you as our readers to analyze his messages.

Those who may have paid the money are advised to report the matter to the police if they do not get employment as promised.

MORE to come about his activities.

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