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This Rongo headteacher left the onlookers shocked

Posted by African Press International on May 30, 2016

By Timothy Mbaya
Updated Monday, May 30th 2016 at 12:35 GMT +3

A primary school head teacher is nursing injuries after he was caught up in a fight with another man over sh. 150. The two were from a church service in Rongo town graced by a renowned politician and had allegedly been given the money to share. The two, who were described as best friends, turned a blind eye to their friendship as they descended on each other with jabs and kicks as they failed to agree on how to share the money. According to witnesses, the two emerged from a corridor of one of the residential places in the town before engaging in a fierce altercation that turned into an ugly fight. It is said the unnamed man received the ksh. 150 from the politician before being accosted by the head teacher for a share of the ‘loot.’ “Let me look for change early enough to escape the hustle we always encounter when all shops are closed,” the head teacher posed. The man who was not willing to share the money with his friend told off the head teacher over a previous loot that he ‘ate’ alone. “You thought this day wouldn’t come? It’s your time to feel how I have been feeling after you ‘wash me’ every time you get the money,” the man said. The head teacher who is known for his love for the brown bottle then resorted to insults that degenerated to an ugly fight. The two men traded blows and kicks as they fell each other in pools of dirty water in turns. It forced onlookers who were laughing their hearts out to intervene as the two tore each others clothes to nudity. The ksh. 150 they were fighting over could be seen torn into pieces in a pool of water in a nearby trench as the two went their separate ways. The head teacher was seen limping home, in a drunken stupor, in one shoe and his multi-patched coat in pieces cursing why he was friends with the man

End/ standard news Kenya

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