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End of the ride: Matatu driver gets stuck in married woman on the side of the road

Posted by African Press International on May 22, 2016

By Kelvin Ngai Saturday, May 21st 2016 at 10:39. Standard news Kenya.

The couple was caught in the backseat of a nissan matatu similar to the one above Photo:Courtesy
What was meant to be a romantic escapade on the backseat of a matatu between a driver and a married woman turned into a nightmare after the two lovebirds got stuck.

The driver was found at around 6am sweating and in pain as he tried to disengage from his lover, a married woman identified as Njoki.

The jaw-dropping incident left residents of Mutembe village in Tharaka-Nithi County in shock.

The two were found by a curious onlooker who heard unusual murmuring and moans inside the matatu parked along the road. The matatu, which belongs to Tuma Sacco, plies along the Chuka-Tharaka-Meru route.

Residents milled at the scene to witness the unfolding event as they took pictures and recordings of the two helpless lovers.

It was not long before news of what was to be a secret romantic exercise reached the woman’s husband, who was identified as Muciiki, prompting him to rush to the scene armed with a machete.

At the scene, Muciiki repeatedly slapped the buttocks of the man with his panga, occasionally spreading the two so that everyone at the scene could have a glance at the rare spectacle.

The sweaty driver pleaded with Muciiki for forgiveness even promising to pay him Sh10,000 for sleeping with his wife. His pleas however fell on deaf ears, forcing him to offer his goats as part of the payment.

“I am in pain. I swear I will never do this again. I promise to give you Sh10,000. You can also have all my goats,” said the driver in desperation.

Meanwhile, all that could be heard of the woman were her endless sobs, even as she made futile attempts to cover her nudity.

“I knew you she was cheating on me. This is why I did this so I can catch her in the act,” Muciiki told The Nairobian, adding that most men from Tharaka Nithi use magic to contain amorous wives.

It was not long before police from the nearby Chiakariga Police Station arrived at the scene to control the crowed and save the two lovers.

But a stubborn Muciiki asked the officers not to interfere with his ‘personal business’.

A furious Muciiki had to chant words in Kitharaka to help end their torment. Residents watched in shock as the driver and the woman separated, frantically searching for any item of clothing to cover their nakedness.

The police had to whisk them away from the mob who wanted to flog them for their amorous and disdainful act.

“We took them to the station to save them from public wrath. We, however, set them free a few hours later, and they went separate ways,” an officer who declined to be named told The Nairobian.

Area OCPD Dominic Mukoma told The Nairobian that he was in a meeting and was unable to comment on the issue.

When contacted, Tuma Sacco official Kimathi Mutumbi told this writer: “Those are personal issues. We as a Sacco only deal with issues of indiscipline at work,” adding that the matter had not even moved to court.

Mary Muthoni who witnessed the ordeal said: “It was a shocking scene. Their private parts were swollen beyond human imagination.”

Muthoni added that men who bewitch their wives end up demanding things or services that are beyond your reach. “They do this to teach you a lesson, while others do it as business,” she said.

Sometime in 2015, an unnamed MCA was caught up in a similar drama with a married woman. He had to part with Sh200,000 to be set free after he got stuck into his lover at a hotel in Chuka.



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