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Why men will cheat even on the hottest chick

Posted by African Press International on May 8, 2016

By Silas Nyanchwani Sunday, May 8th 2016 at 08:58, the standard news Kenya

Men don’t care how beautiful or bright you are, or how much you earn. You just have to make him feel like a man Photo: Courtesy
Younger people, to whom Beyoncé is a goddess, may not know that before her, there was Halle Berry, unarguably the most beautiful woman to ever walk on the surface of Earth. We all know her as a movie star, even though few of her movies, if any, are memorable. She won the Academy Award for the Best Actress in 2002 for her role in some forgettable movie.

As teenagers, it was routine to have her posters, and I am not allowed to confess the kind of dirty things we did with them! At the time, she was married to R&B singer, Eric Benet, who cheated on her. It was baffling. Cheating on Halle Berry, really?!

Last year, I remember talking to some beautiful 22-year-old lady in school. She was livid at the possibility of Jay Z cheating on Beyoncé. She was referring to the famous elevator incident, where Beyoncé’s sister gave Jay Z a humiliating beating. She explained to me how she can tell from Beyoncé’s acts and art that she is a hurt woman. Hurt by Jay Z’s infidelity. She was adamant that men are congenital cheats. She cited Marc Antony (cheated on J Lo), Ethan Hawke (cheated on Uma Thurman with their nanny), Tony Parker (cheated on Eva Longoria) and the list goes on. I could see her point. Even the Hollywood A-lister actresses are not insulated from infidelity. Ironically, some of these A-listers have lost their men to nannies or women who are less powerful and less attractive than them.

The last two weeks have all been about Lemonade, Beyoncé’s latest visual album that premièred on HBO. It has received the best of purple prose in all American media. New York Times gave it front page news, provoking ire from their more conservative readers who like global news ahead of Beyoncé’s empowerment programme of black women. Of course, we all know Beyoncé is in business and for Americans, there is not an opportunity or tragedy that is too big or too sad to exploit, the reasons Beyoncé and presumably Jay Z have made billions out of the supposed infidelity.

Most women are hurt. If Beyoncé, whom they assume is the most beautiful woman on Earth (she is not, Kelly Rowland is my secret celebrity crush) can be cheated on, how safe are they in their relationships?

Stephanie Mickus tweeted, “Beyoncé getting cheated on is the final exhibit at the trial deciding if men should be allowed to exist or not and it doesn’t look good.”

I have been studying comments made by women, and I can safely say that save for the schemers, Jay Z is the most hated man in Venus.

It is interesting how women completely divorce logic from their daily lives. Here is an annual reminder. Beauty is the most superficial thing you can possess as a woman. Beauty only feeds our lust as men. And lust is such an ephemeral emotion that can be cured by just one sexual act. It takes more than beauty to keep a man from straying.

Women must know that some men cheat because they have to. It takes a lot of discipline to resist the temptations. But we live in a world that has made cheating inevitable. From the easy availability of women on social media, colleges and workplaces, men have no shortage of women willing to settle for anything; mistress, one-night-stand, friend with benefits, you name it.

From the way women dress, to the way they flirt so casually, men are so inundated with so many opportunities to sleep around.

Men scarcely care how beautiful you are, how bright you are, or how much you earn. If you can’t make him feel like a man, he will always find a woman out there who brings the best in him. And there so many of them.

At the peril of sounding preachy, I urge women to keep in mind that a good relationship is one that is anchored in God. You can never go wrong with God. If you do, at least God will not let you down.

Pray for your man. We live in a world full of sin and temptations.


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