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Governor William Kabogo insists evidence on MP Waititu is genuine

Posted by African Press International on May 1, 2016

By Faith Karanja (The standard news, Kenya)

A governor has denied allegations that he forged documents showing that Kabete MP Ferdinand Waititu did not acquire a university degree.

In a replying affidavit, Kiambu Governor William Kabogo claimed that Legacy Law advocates in Chandigarh India confirmed that there was no student by the name “Clifford Ferdinand Ndung’u Waititu” admitted to Panjab University in the 1985-86 academic year and who graduated in 1987-88.

The governor said he got the information from Parveen Moudgil, a senior associate at the firm.

He added that Jonah Kusero was not in the same university with Mr Waititu in India as he had claimed. Mr Kabogo claimed that some of the documents in support of the petition were sent to his office by an anonymous person in June 2015.

“The allegations that I forged or produced a fake certificate of primary education are therefore baseless,” he said.

He insisted that the Certificate of Primary Education was consistent with Waititu’s own statement on Churchill Live that he attended Mbagathi Primary School.

Kabogo claimed that he produced the certificate in good faith among other documents that were forwarded to him as exhibits to assist the court make a just determination.

He claimed that the issue of determination in the petition was whether Waititu attended university and graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in the name of Clifford Ndung’u Waititu.

“I could not therefore produce a forged primary school certificate as alleged,” said Kabogo.

He added that in addition to being an alumnus of Panjab University, it was important to clear the air on the integrity of the degrees acquired from that university. Kabogo claimed that Waititu misled a court about his academic qualifications.

“Waititu claims that he never used the name Ndung’u while in school and I am aware that a student was enrolled in Form One at Dagoretti High School on March 11, 1980 under the name Ndung’u Wainaina the son of Waititu Ndogi,” said Kabogo.

He added that the name was consistent with the certificate of primary school results he has produced with his replying affidavit. Kabogo claimed that Wainaina was Waititu’s surname

The Governor also denied being involved in drug trafficking or any other criminal activities as alleged by Waititu. “The Government didn’t employ him since he did not have the required documents,” Kabogo in his affidavit.



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