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Nakuru, Kenya: The Afraha thanksgiving prayer meeting.

Posted by African Press International on April 16, 2016

Of all these politicians, none has Kenya and Kenyans at heart.

When we were busy burning property and killing each other in early 2008, they were busy sharing power in the big hotels using our resources as we were sleeping in the cold.

It was Karua, Weta, Kibaki, Uhuru, Kalonzo versus Raila and Ruto et al. Later on they descended to power as we leaked our wounds which have never healed to date.

Shortly it was time to outdo each other. One group trying to fix and paint the other dirty. Out of these came Ocampo six which ended up dividing us further.

The same factions broke up and realigned themselves again for power in 2013. We foolishly went to the ballots and endorsed them again. They are busy looting as we perish in poverty.

The same game is on this Saturday(16th Apr 2016). The same culprits drawing daggers at each other.
Why do they seem concerned now? The rallies are dividing us further and polarizing us, all because they are realigning again.

Every group want to look logical and concerned.

In 2017 we are likely to be headed to the dogs if we allow this politicians to drive us the way they wish. They are so willing to spend hundreds of millions to host and plan the rallies and not even a cent on the Kenyan who lost his family and wealth for their sake!
It is high time we wake up as Kenyans.
I don’t know how, but I think the time is now.

My take. Hellen, Kericho – Nairobi


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