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How Raila will lose the 2017 General Election

Posted by African Press International on April 2, 2016

By Sir-Kaaria Dkt Mzalendo
Updated Saturday, April 2nd 2016 at 12:27 GMT +3

Raila Odinga is one of the pioneers of democracy in Kenya but his dream to state house is far from reality. This is despite his evident efforts that saw Kanu regime succumb to multi-party system pressure.

Perennial looser

It is in public domain that Kenya’s leading opposition leader has lost all his presidential races. It is with no doubt that history might repeat itself come 2017. Taking into account that Kenyans are used to seeing him lose thus taking a preference for an alternative contestant.

Sycophancy in the camp

Politicians around Raila will be instrumental to his repeated downfall. They are reportedly using his influence to secure elective seats.

Some of the Governors from his strongholds have been on record not respecting the presidency in that they want removal of the president’s portrait in CORD governed counties public offices.

They do this so that they can then replace it with that of their political lord. Lately it is alleged that they want ODM direct nomination tickets. This is doing Raila no good.

Relationship with constitutional institutions

“Baba’s” relationship with bodies that will be instrumental in overseeing the election of the next government is wanting. For instance CORD coalition isn’t in good terms with IEBC as they have manifested no confidence in the electoral commission. They are working to see the commission disbanded.

Similarly Okoa Kenya plebiscite proposal could not get confirmed by IEBC in which one of its agendas was to bar it from overseeing 2017 polls by disbanding it.

Good in opposition

Kenya’s long serving politician, Raila Odinga has been in opposition since Kanu’s reign. Voters are used to seeing him demand accountability. Any political analyst will tell you that voters prefer him to be in opposition than to be in state house

Lost before the race

CORD’s co-principal has conceded defeat before the poll. He is on record saying that the government and IEBC are liaising in efforts to rig the upcoming elections. They have significantly made up voters’ minds that 2017 polls won’t be free and fair come rain or sunshine. According to political analysts, voters may prefer voting for another contestant.

Unless Raila Odinga changes his political approach, is careful of people around him and revises his relationship with the key constitutional bodies, undeniably Uhuru Kenyatta will win with a landslide in 2017

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