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4 weird things ladies do when on their periods

Posted by African Press International on April 1, 2016

By Ordia Akelo
Updated Friday, April 1st 2016 at 10:07 GMT +3

Men avoid a lady on her periods like the plague. I can’t blame them anyway, our flaring hormones make us the least likeable people to be around. Coming to think of it, seclusion of women on their periods in the Old Testament may have been solely for this reason.

It’s like the men had a call for action having established that women on their periods were unbearable decided to declare them ‘unclean’, therefore not fit to be around. What a shrewd way to escape the wrath of a woman on her p’s.

What they do not understand is that periods are horrible to say the least and very few ladies make it through the one week with no complications. For the others every part of the body hurts and you feel like dying, only you can’t, you live to deal with the pain; intense cramps, back pains, headaches and mood swings.

Aside from the usual there are a few who experience very weird preludes to their mense’s. A few ladies shared their unique pre and post period experiences to make men understand the reason why we act up during that time of the month.

Unusual thirst

It may be zero degree’s outside but for this type they will drink gallons of water when their periods come knocking. Even after they have downed a whole jug, their throat will be as dry as the sahara ten minutes later.

This is understandably the body’s way of preparing for the long week ahead.

Hunger pangs

She may be stubborn eater who picks what to eat and even then, she will take small portions. However when it comes to that time of the month, she will devour anything that is edible. Her once fully stocked fridge will be empty in two days and whatever it is, she will not get enough of anything.

Problem is she soon becomes bloated then the emotional tears will come flowing the moment she can’t fit into her jeans.

Sleeping beauty

No amount of caffein will keep her eyelids open. All she wants to do is sleep, wake up for food and sleep some more.

Its even harder when she has to wake up for class or work because that means she is sleep starved and she may not be able to give her 100% anywhere.

If she has to be anywhere other than her bed do not blame her for being grouchy, she cant help it.

Running stomach

Can you imagine the tragedy?! As if dealing with cramps is not enough, some ladies are unlucky as they have to make double visits to the toilet for two separate situations. You can now show some respect guys.

So next time your sister, girlfriend or wife is on her period and she asks if she can come over, please say yes. When she arrives at your place, meet her with lots of comfort food, a hot water bottle, a sad movies/series and an open ear. Listen and nod attentively at everything she moans about and give her a warm hug because she will need it even if though she won’t say it

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