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Long queues as Kericho Senate by-election kicks off to a smooth start

Posted by African Press International on March 7, 2016

Posted Monday, March 7, 2016 | by- TIMOTHY KEMEI . NATION KENYA.

The poll has been viewed as a duel between Kanu’s Paul Sang and Jubilee’s Aaron Cheruiyot.

The Kericho Senate by-election got off to a slow but smooth start on Monday morning.

Long queues, signifying the high level of enthusiasm among the residents, built at various centres in the morning.

At the Kericho County Council Hall polling station, where there were four streams, more than 500 people had voted by 8.30am.

Some voters who had turned up without their identification documents were turned away by the election officials.

The Kericho by-election has been viewed as a duel between Paul Sang of Kanu and Aaron Cheruiyot of the Jubilee Alliance Party, whose campaigns have dominated the process.

Others in the race are Mr Wycliffe Ng’enoh of the Maendeleo Democratic Party, Mr David Mutai (New Democrats) and Mr Paul Yaem of the United Democratic Movement.

At Kerego Primary School in Ainamoi constituency, 53 voters had cast their ballots by 7.30am. The station has 817 registered voters.

At Keongo, where Governor Paul Chepkwony cast his ballot at around 6am, 23 voters had already voted by 7am, with the poll clerks expecting the numbers to swell between 9am and 2pm


With fears that voter turnout could be low, Prof Chepkwony called on Kericho voters to come out in large numbers and exercise their democratic right to elect a leader of their choice and appealed to residents to accept the outcome of the election when the process comes to an end.

“My greatest appeal to the people of Kericho is to remain peaceful throughout the process and remember that whatever the outcome today, we will forge ahead together as a people to the future. Let us all accept the verdict whatever it may be,” he said.

The governor said he had full confidence in the IEBC’s ability to preside over a free and fair process.

Mr Sang was expected to vote at the Kapmanamsin polling station in Chebwagan, Bureti constituency, at around 9am, Mr Cheruiyot at Kapmaso Primary School in Kabianga Ward, Belgut constituency, at 10am, while Bishop Tanui was expected to vote at Kimasian Primary, Kedowa, in Kipkelion East constituency at 9am.

Kericho County has 290,947 registered voters, who were expected to cast their votes at 623 polling centres across the county.

Bureti constituency has the highest number of registered voters, totalling 63,226.

The other areas are Kipkelion West (34,904), Kipkelion East (41,840), Ainamoi (59,561) Belgut (53,974) and Sigowet/Soin with 37,412 voters



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