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Dr Ouko was shot dead in a kneeling position

Posted by African Press International on March 4, 2016

By Dennis Onsarigo Friday, Feb 19th 2016 at 10:05

John Troon’s team visited Koru days after the autopsy on Robert Ouko’s remains. The team concluded that the soft-spoken minister was a victim of a brazen political assassination.

At Dr Ouko’s murder scene, “we found evidence of a bullet hole in a tree. The autopsy report indicated there was a wound in his head occasioned by a powerful gunshot from point blank range. We concluded that Dr Ouko was in a kneeling position when he was shot dead,” says Troon.

The fact that Dr Ouko was shot dead at the scene where his body was discovered suggested he was either picked up (from his Koru home) by people he knew or individuals who posed as his colleagues, but turned to be abductors.

“Dr Ouko was taken from his bedroom to the yard. The minister was probably called out of his house by people he knew. He must have realised something was amiss, since he probably broke his leg as he struggled with someone. That someone must have panicked and shot him in the stomach,” explains Troon.

“But it was not a fatal shot because he was still alive. They had planned to take him to Nakuru, but instead took him seven kilometres from his home and murdered him,” Troon theorised.

In his autopsy report, the late Dr IanWest documented that dried blood running down the sides of the minister’s eyes indicated that after being shot, he fell from the weight of his body. The minister’s body, it appeared, was later moved and placed in a lying position.

The pathologist painted a picture of killers who used a powerful ?rearm to snu? out the minister’s life


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