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I don’t want to be Kisumu Governor, Shakil has stated

Posted by African Press International on February 22, 2016

By Dickens Wasonga.

Kisumu town east MP Shakil Shabir has denied harboring any ambition of
becoming the next Kisumu county governor.

Speaking at Rapogi in Kajulu last Wednesday, Shakil who once served as
Kisumu mayor clarified that he was contented being the area MP and
asked those coveting the position of the county governor not to panic.

There has been talk within Kisumu that Shakil was among the
politicians who are eyeing the seat which is currently being held by
Jack Ranguma but while dismissing the claims the MP said he has never
declared any interest to anyone over the seat.

“I have never declared that I want to be Kisumu governor, not in
private or publicly so those running scared should not panic. I am
going to defend my seat and continue to serve the people of my
constituency. And if I was to be governor, accidentally, I would
ensure I do away with those chase cars and the kind of convoy that we
see current occupiers of the office adore. Kisumu don’t need more
Kings.” Said Shakil.

The seat of the governor appears to be attracting many political
leaders and even non politicians, especially those drawn from the
private sector.

Dr Hezron Makobewa is among those who have publicly declared their
interest in the seat. Dr Asaka Nyangara and Prof Nyon’go are also said
to be eyeing the seat although the Kisumu senator is yet to officially

The MP also took issue with a court order barring MPs from working on
roads within their constituencies. He said it was unfair to be
restricted to do some of the road projects while nobody was doing them
to ease the suffering of the voters who depends on such roads.

Shakil said the roads were classified either as county or national
roads while wanaanchi who need the roads maintained were asking them
why they can’t help them fix the impassible roads. However the MP
vowed to continue to do the road projects which he had initiated
before the court order was issued and completes them for the benefit
of the people.

‘’ If these roads belong to you then why don’t you fix them and make
them user friendly. Why cling on to them and not do any repairs while
the people who need to use them are suffering’ he wondered.

Shakil made the remarks at Rapogi footbridge which was constructed at
the cost of Sh.4.1 Million from CDF kitty. Last year a resident died
while crossing the bridge which was that time made of wood. The
resident of Kajulu was swept away by the raging flood waters at the
bridge prompting the MP to act.

He asked sand harvester within the area to form groups and make
building blocks instead of selling sand which is illegal and puts them
at loggerheads with authorities.

‘’ If you make blocks I will buy them through the numerous CDF
projects we are implementing within the constituency as away of value
addition. It will be able to pay for your financial needs more than
just scooping and selling sand’’ he added.

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