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Mount Kenya musicians defend CS Waiguru?

Posted by African Press International on November 10, 2015

This is unbelievable! How can they turn graft into tribal defence? This is really messy now.

Kenyan people should wake up and move away from tribal side shows whenever a leader from their community is accused of corruption. Kenya will not progress if the population ignores corruption when they realize that one of their leaders is asked to step aside to allow for investigation to be carried out unhindered.

The president is not being attacked when CS Waiguru is asked to show decency and to step aside. Stepping aside is the right thing to do.
When musicians Kamaru and Kioi say Waiguru is unfairly being asked to step aside they are tribalizing corruption and must be boycotted by serious minded Kenyans who want a clean Kenya free from corruption. These musicians are coming out this way marketing themselves hoping that the president notices them for favours.

The question that right minded Kenyans should be asking now is, when will president Uhuru Kenyatta show CS Waiguru the door.

By Sammy Korir, Chief editor API.

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