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The Sierra Leone Embassy In Beijing Now A Tribal Village

Posted by African Press International on August 20, 2014

  • By Sulay B. Conteh

    We, the Sierra Leone Diaspora Community in China and the Greater Asia, are profoundly grateful to His Excellency, President Dr. Earnest Bai Koroma, for going all out to have a “Limba Corner” sort of thing in the Sierra Leone Embassy in Beijing, China. We must hasten to express our appreciation as had it not been for the selfless personal sacrifice by His Excellence, the Sierra Leone Diaspora Community in Asia would not have ever gotten this unique opportunity to taste on a near-daily basis the highly liked delicacy drink we all know in Sierra Leone as “god-to-man” or “poyo”. Now with the Ambassador, the Deputy Ambassador and the Press Attaché all hailing from the Limba-Loko tribe in Sierra Leone like our abled President himself, arrangements have been eventually finalized for daily import of “god-to-man” from the President’s home village direct to the Sierra Leone Embassy in Beijing. This is part of the people-to-people link we have
    always worked so tirelessly to promote between our two great countries. This could also be our own little way of relaxing ourselves from the gruesome killings of the rampaging Ebola Virus Disease we have personally fomented as a responsible, people-driven Government in Sierra Leone.

    With the coming of the Deputy Ambassador, who is also President Koroma’s blood sister, we the Diaspora Community in Australia have received an official invitation to this colossal development in our noble Embassy in Beijing. Also our compatriots in Greater Asia, including Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong and other countries that are directly under the purview of the Embassy in Beijing have confirmed receipt of the well worded official invitation. Of course we have unanimously hailed this development as uniquely monumental in the history of our diplomatic relations overseas and we have therefore fully consented to patronizing with such a worthy effort of our Government and Embassy of Sierra Leone. This effort, we are made to understand, is dedicated towards the creation of the so-needed enabling environment where we can freely interact and know each other on a personal basis, come together as one people and one country, relax ourselves from the
    theatrically ravaging woes of our people back home by the killer Ebola Epidemic and above all to raise funds to support the fight against the corruption-ridden Ebola Virus Disease Epidemic efforts in Sierra Leone.

    The Diaspora Community and the student body had expected so much from our Deputy Ambassador, our dear President’s sister, for the very simple fact that she has lived most of her life in the first world in UK. We had so hoped that our sister’s overseas exposure and experiences along with her blood relationship with our dear President would have meant that right difference in the manner the Embassy was run or the students and Diaspora member issues handled. Indeed the arrival of Her Excellency the Deputy Ambassador started with a moderate welcoming party, which was a welcoming start. Of course, even that welcoming party would not have happened without the persistent criticism of the way every meritable event was being curtailed by Ambassador Foh. But now that the Her Excellency the Deputy Ambassador has gotten fully settled in her massive second-floor office in the Embassy, everything has gone back to business-as-usual.

    To start with, the payment for the 2013 student container was deliberately delayed until the contained actually was reported to have arrived at Deep Water Quay. Because of this delay, the said container is yet to complete the customs clearance at the Quay. Also all the 2014 graduates have left China without receiving their annual allowances, and not in fact to talk about the money for shipment of personal effects. Now with the massive Ebola outbreak in town, no one can even dare to talk about the students’ allowances and the money for the container. For the time being, however, you have to be a Limba-Loko or at least affiliated with the North before your business can pass in the Embassy and by extension in the APC Government in Sierra Leone.

    This is just a tip of the ice-berg and of the hard reality we have to live with today. APC has never been and will never be a blessing to Sierra Leone. For all its past and present rules, APC has always been and will ever be a curse to our beloved Sierra Leone. It all seems like even God is now angry with us and the current Ebola Plague brutalizing our country could not be for any less reason than this. Of course, this is the prize we have to pay for having APC run Sierra Leone once again. So we must have to repent in order to redeem Sierra Leone and only our genuine decisions and rightful actions we get us God’s empathy once again. As even our abled Deputy Ambassador now increasingly seems to be of no blessing to anyone outside her clan and the affiliated, the slang “business-as-usual” once again rules the day-to-day operations of the Embassy.

    May God Continue To Bless Our Beloved Sierra Leone!

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