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Sierra Leoneans says: Goodbye Alhaji Usu Boi Kamara

Posted by African Press International on August 16, 2014

  • By Sulay B. Conteh

    Goodbye Alhiji Osu Boi Kamara. May God pay you back for the millions of people you have put into untold suffering in Sierra Leone.

    We have always professed that whosoever betrays the Alma-mater SLPP Party to the APC Party is bound to have an embarrassing end. The SLPP Party built Kabbah into the Father of the Nation he never dreamed off. Kabbah later turned out to be the worst-ever betrayer of the SLPP Party and his life ended the way all of us know today. Kabbah forced the deaths of almost all those SLPP elders/heavyweights who imposed him over the rightful Flagbearer, Charles Margai. But also Charles Margai over-reacted by splitting his Alma-mater SLPP Party vote in favor of the opposition APC Party, and thus he is today the less-than-a-comedian we all know. Tom Nyuma, who the Alma-mater SLPP Party built into the respectable figure he was, also betrayed the party to APC and ended up the way we all know too. There are several instances of such epic betrayers in Sierra Leone today, to all of which we are still living eyewitnesses.

    Alhaji Osu Boi Kamara was the Director of the Ministry of Mineral Resources all throughout Kabbah’s rule. Osu Boi grew into the person he is today because of the recognition and exposure the Alma-mater SLPP Party gave him. Instead of staying loyal to the party and fighting to free the party support base from the marginalization and suffering in the hands of APC, Boi traded the secrets of the party for the position he today holds in the APC Government. Now the curse of the so loyal and innocent suffering people has come back to haunt Boi in an extraordinary way.

    What dose it profit a man to gain the whole the world and lose his soul? It is too late for Osu Boi to repent. But before he finally packs off, we want Boi to know our frustrations about the life he lived and the monumental manner in which he betrayed his Alma-mater SLPP Party and, of course by extension, all the SLPP Party bases and supporters in Sierra Leone and the Diaspora. Boi and his likes are like the snake which bits to death the people who rescue it.

    God never sleeps and ever protects and fights on behalf of His chosen people.

    This is another strong reminder of the warning we have repeatedly issued for all those who have deserted/betrayed or contemplating to desert/betray the Alma-mater SLPP Party. As it is better late than never, we think there is still space for these people to repent and return to the Alma-mater SLPP Party or else they will have to face the brutality of the doomsday. The curse of the people will continue to weigh on you until it eventually strikes you out.

    So Goodbye Alhaji Osu Boi Kamara. We Hope We Can Met Again In The Yonder World!

    May God Continue Bless Sierra Leone!

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