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APC Plays Cynically Dirty With Lethal Ebola Epidemic In South/East Sierra Leone

Posted by African Press International on August 13, 2014

By Sulay B. Conteh
It is almost a full half-year now since the first case of the fatal Ebola epidemic was reported in Kailahun, Eastern Sierra Leone. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the APC Government led by Dr. Earnest Bai Koroma has responded in a series of extraordinarily queer way. This has raised a widespread suspicion about the real intentions of the APC Government regarding its unusual handling of this alien disease.
It has just been a little over a year when the Koroma-led APC Government boldly stole the elections and reinstalled itself into second term of office in an unusually unofficial way.  In fact even the Koroma-led APC first term of office could not have come to fruition had it not been for the blind craving for international recognition by late President Kabbah. But all of this is now history not worth any retelling in decent societies.
The APC Government has seen a unique opportunity in the fast-spreading Ebola epidemic that is devastating thousands of innocent lives in South/East Sierra Leone. To start with, the South/East is the stronghold of the opposition SLPP Party. Next, voter registration for the 2017/18 elections in Sierra Leone is around the corner. Of course led by Victor B. Foh (the vouchergate mastermind), there is no doubt that the Koroma-led APC Government has been desperately searching for unfair ways to suppress voter registration in the South/East while inflating it in the North (APC stronghold). So what has the Foh-chaired secret committee been up to so as to get the APC voter-registration manipulation come to pass?
To address this grand mission of the secret committee, one needs to have a vivid insight into what this Limba-born-in-Mende-land Foh character truly is. Foh’s father, a total ethnic Limba, married a weird Mende woman in Jimmy Bagbwo Chiefdom, Bo District, and there this terrible man was brought forth into this world. By the traditions of Sierra Leone, the lineage or line of descent follows that of the father. So Victor B. Foh is hundred percent ethnic Limba too, who can by means mistaken for being ethnic Mende. Foh is cynical and nihilistic! It is told in Jimmy Bagbwo and beyond that Foh obdurately sold his father for financial wealth and political power. Foh’s father went mysteriously missing and any news of his disappearance suppressed by Foh himself. As we speak, the remains of Foh’s lost father are yet to be located anywhere in the world. This is the man the Koroma-led APC Government relentlessly uses to squash the South/East.
Foh’s past record in every aspect of life is just extremely horrible! After joining the civil service, Foh’s blood-borne corruption tendency made him the mastermind of the most infamous vouchergate in the history of Sierra Leone. Foh has also been implicated in numerous circumstances of using simple but extremely dirty tricks to outplay political opponents. Foh was even single-handedly responsible for planting Earnest Bai Koroma in the Chairmanship and Flagbearership of the APC Party for the 2007 elections, of course strongly against the will of the bigwigs of the APC Party. Foh even went to the extent of planting himself into the position of Secretary General of the APC Party in that ill-fated clandestine convention. For this reason, Koroma will never abandon Foh so long he his in presidency.
Foh also served as the top Minister of Finance in the AFRC Junta the most deadly regime in the history of Sierra Leone. Foh was responsible for the election rigging in both 2007 and 2012, and he is also highly active in the infighting in the opposition SLPP Party. Foh is said to be personally responsible for the demise of countless personalities in the SLPP stronghold in the South/East. It is this Foh, such an unspeakably horrible character, who President Earnest Bai Koroma awarded the “Rokel Order of Merit” for significant contribution to Sierra Leone. In fact, it is strongly rumored today that Foh is slated to be the next Election Commissioner in Sierra Leone. But Sierra Leone is not surprised by this because it is all unmistakably known that Foh and Koroma (who are actually ethnic cousins) are in a type of “you-scratch-my-back-I-scratch-your-back” situation. Koroma has held up this win-win engagement with Foh, irrespective of his past record.
Actually, the grand APC plan is to use every means possible to suppress voter registration in the South/East SLPP stronghold. So the Foh-chaired secret committee charged with the responsibility to execute this plan came up with an idea to reduce the population of the South/East as the most effect way of easily winning the 2017/18 elections. The committee figured out that war was no longer an option for the region. So it decided to send Foh to China as Ambassador with a special dirty mission. Remember that Foh has no empathy for life, not even that of his father, whom he sold long ago. Foh’s top secret mission was to abuse his Ambassadorial privileges and collect Concentrated Ebola Serum (CBS) from Uganda and administer it to the sick in Government hospitals in the South/East of Sierra Leone, especially in Kailahun District. Of course Foh and his cohorts are well guided by specifically recruited doctors.
Foh has long since committedly executed this mission. Put in his own words during President Koroma’s last visit to China, Foh said “I’m born APC, lives APC and I serve one but only one master”. It is this heartless character that the Koroma-led APC Government relentlessly uses to bribe the elders of SLPP to stage infighting in the party, which always plays to the advantage of the APC Government.
Thus with the outbreak of the APC-grown killer Ebola epidemic, the Koroma-led Government’s first response was to close the borders with Guinea and Liberia. If it had not been the APC Government’s fear for carry-over effects of the Ebola epidemic in Guinea and Liberia, then what else would it be for when the epidemic was actually deliberately grown-on-purpose in Sierra Leone? Next in the APC Government’s response to the epidemic was isolating the South/East; of course again in the fear that the disease could spread over to other regions of Sierra Leone. The next move of the APC Government was freezing all government services from the most affected region (Kailahun District), including schools and hospitals. This left all decent people wondering about the real rationale behind the APC-led strategy to contain the Ebola disease. How could one fight a disease epidemic by closing down hospitals?
With the successful execution of this inhuman dirty mission, the APC Government and the Foh-chaired secret committee have now come up with a brand new way to deal with the aftermath of their nurtured Ebola epidemic. The Government has reopened the hospitals but not until lethal drugs were supplied to summarily terminate all who contract any sort of sickness in the South/East. In fact in Kenema and Segbwema, the Government has set up special Ebola treatment sites within the Lassa Fever (another lethal disease) treatment facilities. The common wisdom in this is to ensure that if you contract Ebola disease and it is not strong enough to kill you, then proximity to Lassa Fever will finally blow you out. The people of the South/East are now gradually coming to the realization that the Ebola epidemic could not have naturally hatched out and that the unusual treatments are deliberate efforts of a clever drive of quiet ethnic cleansing. This means that the people of the South/East have to resolvedly rise against this inhuman treatment lest they become gradually eliminated in their own land and replaced by people of distant land.
How do the opposition SLPP politicians (parliamentarians and others) see themselves in this grand plan of quiet ethnic cleansing? It is all but a hopeless situation with the opposition politicians. We will describe this in a simple way that the layman understands without extra effort. Any functional Government consists of four independent arms — The Executive, The Legislature, The Judiciary and The Press. In Sierra Leone, the people elect (or rather miss-elect) The Legislature and the Head of The Executive. The members of the legislative arm (the so-called parliamentarians) are elected to serve the interests of their respective constituencies and then the country. The vitality of The Legislature and/or Opposition Party is only visible when it acts with integrity. But greed and parochial mindedness of our parliamentarians and opposition party members have all but rendered this arm altogether useless. What the Koroma-led APC Government has been engaged in is putting key members of The Opposition Parties, The Legislature, The Judiciary and even the Press on fat bribes. This means that the APC Government can do whatever it wills in Government and in Sierra Leone; absolutely no checks and balances, except for critical opposition voices. The behavior of these key figures of Arms of State is like heartlessly selling your own people so that you can live — the Victor Foh type of thing. But what they fail to realize is that when they do such heartless things for a living, they effectively make themselves useless — the Charles Margai type of thing.
So what next for the people of the South/East? What next could one do when your own son/daughter betrays you in such a cold-blooded manner? Yes, in the face of such traumatic betrayal in tribulation, one tends to look up to God for deliverance and jubilation. But are we not time and again told that faith without action is like a being without a soul? We the people of the South/East will surely have to stop building our castles on quicksand. We the people of the South/East have to do what is right to preserve our culture and our continued existence as a people. The minds and souls of our rather miss-elected sons/daughters are now poisoned beyond regaining any empathy for us. Our own sons/daughters are now actually different people from us. So we have no more reason to continue to depend on our opposition politicians and parliamentarians.
May the Lord give us the right wisdom to handle yet another disastrous tribulation!
Thank You Dr. Sheik Umar Khan
By Sulay B. Conteh
Thank you Dr. Khan! May God bless you for your life-giving service to the people of our beloved nation, Sierra Leone.
Even when President Koroma is playing a Game of Intelligence with the people of Sierra Leone, the Ebola pandemic continues to eat into the fabric of Sierra Leone. Now the top doctor on the front line of fighting the killer epidemic, Dr. Sheik Umar Khan, is dead.
Yet President Koroma recently left his multi-billion Presidential Palace in Freetown for a so-called Patronizing Visit in support of the people of Kailahun, the region hardest hit by the killer plague. I few hours into his trip, we were told by his illusive Minister of Information that the President’s helicopter rang out of fuel in Kenema and therefore could not make the trip to Kailahun. What an up-front insult to the Intelligence of the people of Sierra Leone! The entire journey by helicopter from Freetown to Kailahun is only 90 minutes, which route even Siaka Stevens repeated plied with Soviet written-off helicopters without one day flimsily complaining about running out of fuel. In fact from the start, we knew all well that the whole move was just a Game of Intelligence meant to pacify the people in the smoldering anger against the APC Government’s lax in fighting the disease.
For all who may in one way or another doubt or even deny this quiet phase of a dangerous ethnic cleansing in this APC-grown Ebola epidemic in East Sierra Leone, Dr. Khan is now symbolizes the epitomization of the start of the demise of the elitist echelon of the East and South. Dr. Khan has been serving as the Head of the Ebola Treatment Center (ETC), actually a characteristics death camp, in Sierra Leone. The Headquarter Office, where Dr. Khan worked, is located in Kenema, which is the Headquarter Town of the Eastern Province. All this while, Dr. Khan has committed his heart and soul to saving the lives of the poor innocent souls who mysteriously fall victim of this APC-grown Ebola plague. The disturbing nature of the so-lauded ETCs across the East in terms of pervasive lack of standard equipments and drugs along with deplorable hygiene conditions, unstable electricity, insufficient/untrained medical staff and over-crowdedness has meant the loss of precious lives of both the sick who seek treatment and the medics who administer the treatments.
In the desperate effort to make do with what is available, Dr. Khan has lost over three supportive nurses who contracted the killer Ebola in the course of treating the Ebola-stricken sick. Still determined to do with whatever was available (in terms of drugs and trained human resources) to save the innocent souls totally taken by surprise by this politically-driven ethnic cleansing, Dr. Khan himself (the lead-medical doctor) has now been clearly embarrassed by this queer killer Ebola disease. Tests have shown that Dr. Khan is positive of the killer Ebola virus he was charged to head the drive to contain in Sierra Leone.
We all clearly know the facts and the conditions surrounding the ETCs in the country. So really what puzzles us is not the fact that Dr. Khan has tested positive of the killer Ebola virus, but the strange treatment Dr. Khan is accorded with after contracting the killer plague. This reminds us of World War II (WW II) Nazi Germany Concentration, Labor and/or Transit Camps where millions of innocent souls were inhumanely exploited, tortured and burnt alive. Among the 70 of such camps under the Nazi rule across the globe, the most notorious (for example, the Warsaw, Sobibór and Auschwitz Camps) were in Poland. Now a miniature Nazi-like Ebola Concentration Camp (ECC) has been set up in Kailahun (the most remote part of Sierra Leone) for all Ebola virus carriers in the country. What a Human Dumping Ground (HDG) the Koroma-led APC Government has founded in this of their quiet ethnic cleansing!
All who are privy to the medical/hospital system in Sierra Leone all well know that the best treatment centers for whatever disease or plague are in the capital city of Freetown. In fact, all drugs officially coming into Sierra Leone must pass through the largely UNICEF-sponsored Government drug store in New England Ville. It is in Freetown where there is a semblance of stable electricity. It is in Freetown where the best medical professionals reside and work. It is in Freetown where the best drugs are available and administered. It is in Freetown where the best hospitals are concentrated. In fact, it is only in Freetown where there are free medical treatments for a selected vulnerable sect of the population. So we altogether taken by total surprise to learn that Dr. Khan was sent down to the ECC in Kailahun after testing positive of the killer Ebola disease. Apart from the deplorable conditions in Kailahun, the non-motorable condition (full of what I call manholes instead of potholes) of the road to Kailahun alone could drive Dr. Khan to his grave. Why was Dr. Khan not treated in Kenema, where there is at least some semblance of electricity?
By the way, Kailahun is the Headquarter Town of Kailahun District. As the opposition SLPP Party stronghold, Kailahun is the most neglected district in Sierra Leone, especially under the Koroma-led APC Government. No electricity, no tap-borne water, no tarred roads, shabby public infrastructure (that could actually be called farmhuts), no hospitals but only semblance of sub-standard clinics, neglected educational institutions and you just name it. Kailahun is also the district that was most devastated by the Momoh-led APC war. It is in Kailahun District where the 11-year senseless APC-waged war started and it is indeed in Kailahun District where the war ended. Kailahun, the epicenter of politically-driven inhuman suffering, is still painfully reeling from the 11-year destruction of the war. As if all this is not enough, it is again in Kailahun District where the Koroma-led APC Government has grown the fatal Ebola virus and it is the same Kailahun District that is now worst hit by the killer plague. What hope does Kailahun then have under any APC Government?
Amidst of all of this, Dr. Khan is forced to face his fate down in the ECC camp in Kailahun instead of doing so in Kenema or Freetown after contracting the Ebola virus he has personally mistreated for so long. The wisdom of sending Dr. Khan to this Death Camp is very simple. Freetown must be protected under all cost from the killer plague because even APC knows the destructive power of this Killer Ebola. In fact, it is because of its highly destructive nature that the Ebola virus was grown in Kailahun as a political tool to suppress voter-population in this opposition SLPP Party stronghold. This is Africanized Political Tool in a modern setting to elusively execute a quiet ethnic cleansing and deceptively divert the attention of the international community to something else.
We are not in any position or in any way passing judgment over Dr. Khan’s life, but we must hurry to say thank you to Dr. Khan before we are stricken by any sudden departure. We want Dr. Khan to know that we very much appreciate his life and value his selfless sacrifice to saving the innocent souls of his homeland. Should you depart us Dr. Khan (may God forbid), we promise you that we will not rest until we see to it that the APC Government has accorded you the Rokel Order of Merit for Extra-ordinary Service to the people of this great land. This will be our way of saying that we value your remarkable services to humanity and that your lofty legacy lives on forever!
All said and done, the hard reality is clear and we are also clear that Dr. Khan is very much clear about the nature of treatments at the ECC camps he headed. The APC-containment strategy of the killer Ebola plague after deliberately nurturing it in the opposition stronghold has been one of isolation and extermination. It is in fact because of this that Dr. Khan could not be sent up to Freetown for treatment, but instead sent down to the ECC camp in Kailahun the most remote and awkwardly backward region of Sierra Leone where electricity, drugs, professional medics, etc., etc., are extreme luxury. The only available option is a lethal drug, the administration of which Dr. Khan himself has personally headed and supervised. Now it is obvious that as a matter of reality, Dr. Khan himself will be treated with his own exterminator drugs, lest he lets the big cat out of the small bag. That will be the bombshell truth that APC will never allow out.
So again, what a miniature Nazi-like Concentration Camp has APC founded in Kailahun for this self-grown Ebola epidemic! The reality is that Dr. Khan naively served as the head of this camp and nothing will have to save him now from eventually falling victim of it. So before that happens, we hasten to thank you Dr. Khan for your selfless service but also bit you our most sincere heartfelt farewell should the worst happens! May the Lord our God see you through this disturbing trial or through to eternity should that be the case! Also may the sacrifice of your life go to liberate Sierra Leone from the shackles of politically-driven inhuman tribulations! And may all the families of the victimized live long to see this day of political liberation in great jubilation!
God Bless Sierra Leone!
Ebola The Perfect Instrument For Good Governance In Africa
By Sulay B. Conteh
When the international community passes a travel band on you because of a lethal endemic disease like Ebola, then you will want to start to look from within for changes that can boost your standing amongst your own people. Outbreaks of endemic, epidemic or even pandemic diseases like Ebola are in fact not supposed to be if and only if a leadership cares even a little bit about the wellbeing of its own citizenry. It is now scientifically proven that there is a high probability that the outbreak of Ebola, per se, is not very much unrelated with war. Ebola started in Uganda along River Ebola after years of war in that region. It then spread over to Congo, Rwanda and Sudan, all of which countries have been or are still engaged in catastrophic wars. Neighboring countries like Kenya and Tanzania, which have relative peace and stability because of relatively good governance, are yet to report any case of the Ebola Virus Disease. The Ebola Virus then jumped over scores of countries to surface only in Eastern Sierra Leone and Southern Liberia, the regions where the years of barbaric rebel wars started in the two respective countries. The Guinea situation is almost brought under control because the country never experienced the kind of senseless brutal war fought in the neighboring Sierra Leone and Liberia. In fact, Guinea could have got the killer disease because of proximity and laxity on the side of the ruling authorities.
So could Ebola be a variant of the Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) related to the extreme exhaustion due to war? If this could be proven to be the case, then there is the urgent need to seek redress of the causes of war. Of course in especially Africa, wars could not be entirely unrelated with unbearably long periods of barbaric governance. The case of Sierra Leone epitomizes how persistent bad governance can create the conditions for catastrophic wars and outbreaks of killer endemic diseases like Ebola. And when you mention the word APC anywhere in Sierra Leone, it is implicitly associated with a consortium of like-minded people desperately hungry for power and who excessively use state resources, laws and authorities to enrich themselves at the expense of the masses. This is the party (APC) that has governed Sierra Leone for over 80 per cent of the period since independence from our British Colonial Bosses on April 27, 1961.
In developing countries and especially in Africa, politics is solely a game of exclusion and often time elimination. The dictatorial leaders, some of whom are brought to power under murky democratic elections like in Sierra Leone, rule by unscrupulously using the organs of power such as passing hostile laws and building party/tribal-oriented police and army to barbarically suppress and brutally eliminate valiant opposition voices. The APC Party/Government has repeatedly used such excessive powers to keep oppositions constructive voices at bay and entrench itself in power from the time of its inception to now, to which Ambassador Victor Bockarie Foh is living witness. Things climaxed in 1991 when the Sierra Leone public gauged that enough is enough and decided to rule their own fate by taking up arms against the then Momoh-led APC Government, to which Ambassador Omrie Gollie is a living witness. Today again, the Koroma-led APC Government is fast setting up the stage that could invoke a recurrence of the 1991 rebellion. It is said that history repeats but could it, for God’s sake, be a good history for Sierra Leone this time around? Instead of the Stevens-, Momoh- or the Koroma-type of history, we the people of Sierra Leone this time around would like to see the Margai-type of history. For heaven’s sake, we want something better and not anything worse!
So things could swiftly be reversed if the International Community can strengthen the stance taken by the U.S. Government to band the leaders from developing countries with proven lethal epidemic outbreaks like Ebola from all international travels. This is because it has been scientifically proven that over 90 per cent of the occurrence of all such killer diseases is due to deplorable standard of living. Naturally, nobody wants to live in deplorable conditions. This implies that such inhuman conditions are only forced upon the people through long periods of barbaric governance. Thus the imposition of International Travel Bands (ITB) due to the outbreak of any disease epidemic is politically, socially and above all morally justifiable.
When the governments of Epidemic Disease Countries (EPD) are banded from all international travels, then it will become imperative for them to put the people first and adopt sound people-oriented governance. To all such governments and people, International Travel Bands will be perceived as a strong disapproval of their rule and government by the international community. With this perception, all such leaders and governments will either be compelled to reinvest into their people/countries or risk being brought down by internal/local resistance. Note that human resource is the most valuable resource of a country. A healthy country is a productive country because it is only a healthy country which can make full use of its human resources. Now Nigeria is giving hefty life insurances to all medical professionals who participate in the treatment of Ebola Virus Disease in the country. This could be the start for a better change in Africa!
The people in the Third World deserve no less governance than the people in the First World. So we hope that the developed world in the West and East will use this instrument and all its variants to contain the developing world in the South in terms of delivering good governance and balancing the share of national cake. May the whole world be free at long last from the shackles of dictatorship, misuse and abuse!
God Bless The World!!
Ambassador Foh On The Run
By Sulay B. Conteh
His Excellency Victor Bockarie Foh, the Ambassador designate to Beijing, China, is on the run from the brutal killings of the rampaging Ebola Virus Disease he personally participated in clandestinely importing from the remoteness of Uganda to the opposition stronghold in Kailahun District, Eastern Sierra Leone. Foh was recently in town (Freetown) in preparation to lead the doomed high-profile entourage of His Excellency President Dr. Earnest Bai Koroma to the Historic U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit in Washington. When, however, it became apparently clear that President Koroma will be banished from attending the historic summit, Foh hurriedly ran back to his post in Beijing in fear that China too could consider passing travel bands on Sierra Leoneans in the extreme precaution of preventing any inter-continental spread of the lethal Ebola Virus Disease.
Because of his close tie with the President, Foh bulldozed Multi-Kamara from the ambassadorial post in Beijing. Lest you do not know who this character is, we must hasten to say that Mr. Multi-Kamara was the most efficient Ambassador that APC Earnest Koroma has so far sent to Beijing. We call President Koroma APC Koroma because he is now doing thing which not even Stevens ventured to do. APC Koroma is now fast painting Red (APC Party Color) every state property, including state helicopters, offices, furniture, coat of arm, etc., etc. To get back to our story, all the predecessors and now the successor to Mr. Multi-Kamara have proven to be hardened criminals and naked thieves.  Evidences abound regarding the series of criminal activities these anti-development and unpatriotic Ambassadors were and are still engaged in under their diplomatic portfolios. It is only Mr. Multi-Kamara who has stood out lofty in terms of decency of office conduct and he has always been patriotic and true to the development of Sierra Leone. Ex-Ambassador Multi-Kamara truly has a solid trait of late President Kabbah who solidly worked not on party lines, but solely on national interests. It is this decent and fine man who the character-stained Foh bulldozed from the ambassadorial posting in Beijing.
Ex-Ambassador AKK disgraced himself in a nagging rape case, Ex-Ambassador Fornah followed suit by disgracing himself in epic money extortions from the Chinese Businesses and Ex-Ambassador Koroma engulfed himself in blind greed/tribalism of illiterate magnitude. Ex-Ambassador Koroma was so much so into greed that he was even pushing for replacement of Ex-Ambassador Fornah with the Chinese born citizen (Harry) as Deputy Ambassador. It was only Ex-Ambassador Multi-Kamara with his abled admin officer, Mr. Minnah, who truly engaged himself in building the right structures for resourcefully win-win engagements with the Sierra Leone Diaspora and the Chinese community. Ex-Ambassador Multi-Kamara was on the finishing touches of putting the this lofty structures in place that was supposed to recognize the role of the Sierra Leone Diaspora in attracting productive Chinese investment to Sierra Leone. This was not only patriotic, also heroic and truly new in APC rule! Why all this was being put in place, Baimba, the Info Attaché, was steadily playing his usual politics of backbiting in venomous tribalism and nepotism.
It was this investment which attracted Victor Foh the Fox to go all the way to bulldoze his way into China and axed this fine diplomat in the name of Mr. Multi-Kamara. Foh has now systematically dismantled that beautiful structure that took so much effort and commitment to put in place. With his takeover, things has gotten so much so rotten in the Embassy that physical fights, assaults and nepotic infightings now occur on almost monthly basis. Things have grown so far worse that the local staff members have started calling it quits. Those, mostly women, who choose to stay must do so on a coercing consent of becoming a concubine of Ambassador Foh the Fox.
Before then, Ambassador Foh the Spider Fox used to shuttle on almost monthly basis between Beijing and Freetown, running special presidential errands in Freetown while at the same time holding onto his ambassadorial post in Beijing. Victor Foh has been the Spider Fox in the river between, not daring to risk losing anything on the political fronts at home and abroad. Now that the Ebola Virus Disease he deliberately transmitted on purpose is on rampage and brutally killing across the country, Foh has hurriedly run back to his posting in China and quietly hiding in the Embassy Premises. The Ebola Virus Disease in town now confuses Foh and bands him from risking going to Sierra Leone. But this again implies that Foh will no more have the privilege of manipulating things in his favor as he has always done before. Quite well knowing what APC is and is capable of doing, Foh might soon be bulldozed in the same manner he has always bulldozed others like his predecessor, Ex-Ambassador Multi-Kamara.
As we explained the last time, Foh bought the Ebola Virus from Uganda and took it to Freetown. The Virus Serum was then taken to the border town in Koindu where an innocent nurse was given the Virus Serum to inject an innocent pregnant woman who later died. The nurse later traveled to Daru where she died of the Ebola Virus Disease. Of course before both the pregnant woman and the woman nurse died, they had already transmitted the Ebola Virus Disease to so many other innocent people. That is actually how everything started in Sierra Leone. Any other alternative explanation is just a worthless political excuse with no solid basis.
But could it ever happen for His Excellence President Dr. Earnest Bai Koroma to see common wisdom in reinstating Ex-Ambassador Multi-Kamara, things will once again start working in the desired way for the Sierra Leone Diaspora and the Chinese Community. It could also be in the interest for APC Koroma to reinstate Ex-Ambassador to his post if he wants a quiet rule in the last two years of his presidency. Ex-Ambassador Multi-Kamara is so far the only diplomat who has displayed the needed charisma and acumen to engage all Sierra Leoneans (at home and in the Diaspora) in resourceful co-operations with the alien countries under his authority. So in the best interest of Sierra Leone, we advise President Koroma to, as a matter of urgency, withdraw Foh and reinstate Multi-Kamara into the ambassadorial post in Beijing. Foh is best fitted for the post of Chairman of the Consortium of Advisers to the President or a similar thing around the State House. Foh is persistently embarrassing Sierra Leone in China by rampaging and begging around and sometimes even coercing the Chinese Businesses to pay zakats into his personal Bank Accounts.
To Victor Foh, this is all what it means to be an ambassadorial diplomat. One has to overload his pockets or you stand to be awkwardly judged by history. This is in sharp contrast with what this fine man, Mr. Multi-Kamara thinks. To Mr. Multi-Kamara, one has to serve the people and nation without favor for cultural, social, political, religious or gender affiliations, lest history judges you awkwardly. Clearly so, Mr. Multi-Kamara is not only a man of the people, but also a man of the nation. This is the kind of diplomat President Koroma needs now in his last two years in office, to boost his image and standing in the international community.
God Bless Sierra Leone!


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