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Norway condemns murder of Palestinian teenager

Posted by African Press International on July 10, 2014

’I condemn the murder of a Palestinian teenager in Jerusalem on 2 July. There is no excuse for acts of revenge. The circumstances surrounding the murder are still unclear, but it is of crucial importance in this case too that the perpetrators are held accountable and their motives identified,’ said Minister of Foreign Affairs Børge Brende.

A 16-year old Palestinian was abducted, mutilated and killed on Wednesday on the way to the mosque in Shufat in East Jerusalem. Tensions are running high in Hebron since three kidnapped Israeli teenagers were found murdered near the town on Monday this week. 

‘I have been equally clear in condemning the murders of three Israeli teenagers earlier this week. Tragically, the search operation that was launched following their abduction resulted in several Palestinian deaths. We expect Israel to act in accordance with its obligations under international law, which among other things means that the Israeli security forces must not use lethal force unless it is necessary to avoid loss of life,’ said Mr Brende.

‘I am deeply concerned about the increasing violence between Israel and Palestine. Escalation of the conflict, with reprisals and further acts of violence, will not benefit anyone. We know that such actions mainly affect civilians. All parties must exercise restraint. There is no alternative to a political process if we are to put an end to the violence,’ said Mr Brende.


source. mfa.norway

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