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Switzerland takes part in EU border control mission EUBAM Libya

Posted by African Press International on July 5, 2014

BERN, Switzerland, July 4, 2014/African Press Organization (APO)/ — Switzerland and the European Union (EU) have today signed an agreement on Switzerland’s participation in the European Union Border Assistance Mission in Libya (EUBAM Libya). This agreement provides the basis for deploying a Swiss civilian border control specialist to Libya on a one-year mission.

With this deployment, Switzerland will round up its peace promotion activities in Libya and lend its support to European efforts to help stabilise the Maghreb and the Sahel.

EUBAM Libya aims to strengthen border control in the country and support the Libyan government in developing an integrated border management strategy (IBM). These measures are intended to contribute to stabilising the country, developing the Libyan economy, and combating organised crime and terrorism.

Switzerland’s involvement in Libya is part of the Federal Council’s special programme for North Africa in 2011-2016. It also takes part in UN and EU peace missions in the context of its multilateral engagement in civilian peace promotion.

Switzerland has a long tradition of deploying civilian experts as part of its peace, human rights and humanitarian policy. These experts are deployed on a needs basis for fixed-term civilian peace projects as election observers, police advisers, or specialists in constitutional law, customs and border control issues, mediation, rule of law, human rights and humanitarian law.



Switzerland – Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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