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NGWIRI: Dear Raila, I speak to you from the heart; listen and end this madness

Posted by African Press International on July 1, 2014

African Press International (API)

Dear Raila, I speak to you from the heart; listen and end this madness

PHOTO | FILE Cord leader Raila Odinga addressing the press in the past..

Cord Leader Raila Odinga. “…how sure are you that these things are happening due to misrule by the Jubilee administration? In any case, except for the terrorist attacks, what else is new in Kenya?” PHOTO: FILE  NATION MEDIA GROUP

In Summary

  • I only came to learn much later that the two stalwart fighters for independence had differed politically and parted ways when I innocently asked why they were no longer wearing similar beaded caps in public.
  • The first question is, before you left for studies in the United States after the abortive ODM elections, there was no mention of national dialogue or even private talks with the President. Why now?
This is an open letter to the Rt Hon Raila Odinga, leader of the Cord Alliance and the Orange Democratic Movement.

Dear Sir, since you have…

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