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Indigo Publications 2013 results: Strong profitability driven by digital development

Posted by African Press International on April 25, 2014

Since April 2013, Intelligence Online and all the group’s Africa publications have been 100% digital

PARIS, France, April 25, 2014/African Press Organization (APO)/ – In 2013, Indigo Publications ( registered its 11th consecutive year of growth and profit. Its turnover increased 7.4% to €3.4 million and its operating result rose 25% to €535,000.

These good results confirm the group’s excellent health and the durability of its economic model, based on exclusive paid-for information for professional subscribers.

They also show the positive impact of the digital development strategy it has been pursuing since 1995. Since April 2013, Intelligence Online and all the group’s Africa publications, which are now grouped together on the Africa Intelligence website, have been 100% digital.

•          The digital products have shown remarkable growth. The Web accounted for 84% of the group’s growth last year across all publications.

•          Electronic wallets, which offer the opportunity to buy single articles on Indigo Publications’ six web sites, increased strongly in number and the number of transactions carried out rose 24%.

•          The group remains very international. Fifty two per cent of its subscribers are registered outside France and these subscribers divide up equally into anglophone and francophone readers. The number of new subscriptions to the English language publications rose by 44% in 2013.

•          Indigo Publications also continued to strongly develop its overall readership with subscriptions up 15% in 2013.

The digital development should continue to progress in 2014. In France, the VAT rate for online publications has at last been brought into line with that of the printed press, thus reducing it from 20% to 2.1% as of February this year. The legislation making this possible was passed unanimously by the French National Assembly and Senate. It is the culmination of a long struggle over several years by Indigo and its fellow French online publishers via their professional body, the Syndicat de la Presse Indépendante d’Information en Ligne (SPIIL). The law will enable the whole of the French press to make available the necessary resources for its digital development.

As a result, for Indigo Publications, 2014 will, even more than previous years, be a year of investment in digital technology:

•          In May, a free Africa Intelligence mobile application will be made available to subscribers (with devices using iOS, Androïd and Windows Phone).

•          In September, La Lettre A will inaugurate a new formula and launch a mobile application.

•          In October, the Africa Intelligence web portal will be renovated with a new graphic identity and new navigational system as part of an effort to constantly improve quality of service to readers.

Indigo Publications is pleased with its financial results and positive prospects, which enable it to guarantee its present and future editorial independence. An independent press group, it is not constrained by any dependence on advertising and is free of all political and commercial affiliation, with 100% of its revenues coming directly from its readers.

About Indigo Publications

Indigo Publications (, which styles itself the “smallest international press group in the world”, publishes eight newsletters in English and French and runs four web sites in French and two in English. Headed by the group’s founder, Maurice Botbol, its editorial team analyses and interprets the issues raised by political and economic power:

•          The Africa Intelligence portal (http://www.AfricaIntelligence.comand hosts all the group’s publications on Africa:

•          The West Africa Newsletter, which covers political and economic issues in West and Central Africa;

•          The Indian Ocean Newsletter, which focuses on politics and business relations in African countries in the Indian Ocean region;

•          Maghreb Confidential, which follows developments in the power structures of the Maghreb;

•          Africa Energy Intelligence, which covers political and economic strategy in the African energy sector;

•          Africa Mining Intelligence, which reports on political and economic strategy in the African mining sector.

•          Intelligence Online, which specialises in coverage of state and economic intelligence gathering on its websites, and

•          La Lettre A, a newsletter reporting on power in France in all its forms, with its website,

•          Presse News, a newsletter covering French media news, with its website,


Indigo Publications

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