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Posted by African Press International on April 3, 2014

  •  By Our  Political Reporter, Kenya

The recent Court of Appeal revocation of Fred Otieno Outa’s election as Nyando MP has elicited a mixture of anger, uncertainty, joy and  surprise as many of the area voters had not  thought of going back to the ballot boxes given that the High Court had dismissed the petition which had been filled by the man who came second to Outa during the general elections Jared Okello.

In spite of losing the seat, Outa suffered another setback when the three bench judge comprising Justices; Philip Waki,David Maranda and Festus Azangalala directed the Director of Public Prosecutions Keriako Tobiko to prosecute Outa  for election bribery.

Outa’s current woes was as a result  of issuing CDF cheques ten days before the polling day  with Justice Festus Azangalala who read the judgment on behalf of his colleagues saying that they had complied with section 86(1) and 87 (1) of the election Act to nullify his election.

As a result of this ,the political temperature within the rice and cane growing constituency is so high to a point that voters are calling upon their respective preferred candidates to go for the seat and take over from Outa who many say his chances if not nil then very thin.

It is worth noting that the constituency is where the Kisumu Governor Jack Ranguma hails from and they use not to see each other eye to eye  with Outa and at one time during the funeral of the parents of Nyakach MP Joshua Aduma Owuor he literally kicked the seat of the Governor from the main dais saying “Ceremonial Mayors” should not share dais with MPs.

Many of the critics of the outgoing MP says his arrogance and coupled with his second tenure’s entry to parliament are most of his undoing plus the issue of rice farming which he once act as a broker to rice processors outside the region.

“He was treating himself as a King and one who could not return to the electorates,now he will come back to us and if he comes back?” pondered a pro Okello supporter while demonstrating in Ahero to celebrate his removal as the area MP

The Constituency’s voting pattern will heavily rely on the clans making the area majorly comprising Kochoggo,Wawidhi ,Kadibo  and Kakola.

Its worth noting that there might be chances of Outa’s clan voting to any one as revenge on what they believe is an injustice did to their son by Okello and hence their votes are really crucial in determining who will be the next Nyando MP.

So far the man who was to defeat Outa during the last general elections Joseph Owino Ogendo is being implored to contest by top luo ODM leadership saying the going might not be cosy for Jared and if he wins On  a Ford –K  ticket then it will reflect that the Raila Odinga led party is losing its clout within luo land.

Raila’s factor might not count so much within the constituency given that his convoy was stoned during campaign times when he went to campaign for Ouya after the sham ODM nominations .

Nyando constituents are said to be so charged that they might opt to go for their own candidate and ignore the “our party” syndrome which was ignored by Muhoroni voters in electing James Onyango Koyoo on a PDP party and Olago Aluoch on Ford-K party within the county.

The others  who are being contemplated for the seat are;Kisumu based financial adviser Victor Ogutta,a leading Insurer Lawrence Obat,Medics Dr.Ojwang Lusi,Dr.Sam Oron and Dr.Richard Olewe,then there is Lumumba Patrick Ouya and former area MP Calrkson Otieno Karan

  •  Owino Ogendo

He comes  from Wawidhi Clan where one time area MP Eric Opon Nyamunga hails from.

He was the man who was better placed to have defeated Outa during the last general elections but it took the intervention of top ODM leadership to implore him not to contest the seat and he opted to continue with his work in one of the key parastatals within the country.

He is a man of a strong financial base who can sustain his campaigns single-handedly given his strong financial base, the fact is that Ogendo is one of the few billionaires in Kenya courtesy of his vast interest in hotels,oil,clearing and forwarding ,construction as well as real estate’s within Kenya.

Should he opt to resign from his current job to contest the seat then he is likely to contest the seat.

We have established that top ODM leadership are imploring him to resign from his current job to go for the seat something his close aides are wary of saying he should wait till the next general elections.

“Biggy should ignore this by-election and wait proper for the 2017 elections because if he opts to go and win this election then he is likely to be judged as a five yearMP”lamented George Opalo.

  • Victor Ogutta “Ja- Kochoggo”

Victor is a youthful, progressive entrepreneur who hails from the Kochoggo Clan which voted head to toe to the outgoing MP Outa during the last general elections.

Ogutta sits as a junior luo elder within the Luo Council of Elders and his father was one of the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga’s security details which culminated to Jaramogi taking him to Russia for  a proper Military training in the sixties.

He has  a cozy relationship with luo political leader Raila Odinga given that he contributed immensely during the last general elections.

He is a graduate of University of Nairobi, and then did his Masters at Moi University and he is presently pursuing his PHD at the same institution.

He is a financial management expert based in Kisumu and he too can sustain his own campaigns given his massive strong financial base courtesy of his real estate and banking business.

He is the man who hired the chopper the current Kisumu Governor Jack Ranguma used for the entire duration of his campaigns when he appeared to be financial low during the last general elections.

He commands most of the youths within the constituency given that he lobbied them to elect Ranguma.

  • Lawrence Obat

Obat also hails from Kochoggo and he is one of the leading Insurance brokers within Kisumu coupled with his petrol products business within Nyanza and Western Kenya.

He is the best option for the seat given his soberness coupled with his practical approach on issues.

He was one of the leading professionals within the constituency who campaigned for Ogendo before he dropped out of the race.

He is well versed with the Constituency’s politics given that he did it with Nyamunga, Outa and Ogendo.

He has been elusive in regard to contest the seat though he had set his eyes for the 2017 general elections.

  • Clarkson Otieno Karan

“Ja Migingo” as he is known by his supporters  was the area MP from  1992-1997 and later became Kisumu Mayor after which he served as a Member of Parliament within the East Africa Legislative Assembly after quitting the banking sector where he worked for various banks as the manager.

Karan hails from Kadibo clan the same as Ouya,Outa and Olewe and his clan might decide to vote as a block to “revenge” on  a seat they believed was taken  awy from them

He is presently involved in large-scale farming within Nyando and Muhoroni Constituency though he had hinted that he was focusing on trade unions elections but with this coming unexpectedly he is said to have changed his mind on top of that he is one of the best orators within luoland who can only be rivaled by Rongo MP dalmas Otieno.

“Ja Migingo” might go for the seat and if the elections would be pegged on seniority, expertise and experience then he is a sure bet for the seat” said Solomon Ouko who has been his political strategist.

  • Lumumba Patrick Ouya “Kalausi”

He is India Schooled and worked mostly within the defunct local authorities as a clerk having served in Homa Bay,Siaya,Malindi,Lamu and Embu.

He is close to Kisumu and Siaya Sentors  Anyang’ Nyong’o and James Orengo respectively who are said to be having close ears of luo de facto leader Raila Odinga who if  the push come to shove might have  a second thought about him.

He contested the shoddy ODM nominations during the last general elections and lost to Outa whom they have not been seeing each other eye to eye.

He has the following of the youths and women within the constituency which might become handy for him if he decides to go for the seat though he tells some that he is unlikely to contest and support Okello given that he fought the court battle alone.

His critics however says that he has to redeem himself as his own man and should not be seen as a political wheeler-dealer and brief case man of some luo tycoons.

  • Jared Okello

He also hails from Wawidhi , he was never satisfied with the flawed ODM party nominations  and he jumped the ship to Ford-K which was an affiliate to Cord during the last general elections.

He gave Outa  agood run for his money and should he have the same strength ,will and zest then he is likely to cause more problems to his opponents.

He is a darling of many due to his oratory skills when he takes the podium, he has portrayed himself as a poor people’s man as he mingles  freely all the voters within the constituency freely regardless of one’s class or economic status.

His critics however points out that he need to change his wardrobe for him to look like a serious contestant.

“He should discard his t-shirt trade mark and venture into serious African attires or suits” said one of his supporters.

  • Erick Opon Nyamunga

He also hails from Wawidhi, however given that his wife Rose Nyamunga is Kisumu County Women MP, he might not go for the seat and whoever he will throw his weight behind might have some advantage over the rest.

He opted not to venture into an elective post during the last general elections as his supporters hinted to us that it was due to what he underwent in 1997 during the ODM nominations when he is said to have defeated Outa in the primaries but was denied victory.

However he joined NARC party and came second giving Outa  a run for his money.

Many aspirants might go for him for his political blessings.

  • Dr.Ojwang’ Lusi

He is currently Kisumu County Medical Director, he is said to be contemplating going for the seat but leading lights within the County are said to be advising him to concentrate on his current employment and throw his weight behind one of the aspirants.

  • Dr.Richard Olewe

Dr.Olewe is a medical doctor who is presently consulting for the World Health Organization in Sub Africa, he hails from Kadibo Clan.

  • Dr.Samuel Odhiambo Oron

He worked in Marie Stopes for many years before venturing into consultancy; he has financial muscle to manage his own campaigns as he is also a large-scale farmer in Sugar cane, rice and maize farming both in Muhoroni and Nyando Sub Counties.

He was one of the clear favorites for the seat but he is said to have developed a cold feet due to what his supporters say favoritism within the popular ODM party nominations.

“Daktari has all along been Raila’s man and he is ready to contest as long as he is guaranteed that the nominations will be fair and the ground will be leveled to all the aspirants” said one of his key strategists who declined to be named.

He is a Russian trained medic,he hails from Kochoggo Clan, he was one of the lead campaigners for Ouya a head of the botched ODM nominations.

He has a wider knowledge of the constituency and he might leave a mark if he plunges into the race.

His critics say that he has to shake off himself from his NGO operative brother Joshua Odongo Oron if he has to be his own man.



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