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American Anthony “Amp” Elmore accuses Kenya’s Siaya Governor Rasanga of not respecting the Late Tom Mboya’s legacy

Posted by African Press International on April 3, 2014

 The emails below has been sent to us by American Anthony “Amp” Elmore who accuses Governor Rasanga of Siaya and the other Governors who were with him in Memphis USA last year on a visit. The American says Kenyan officials have abused him enough and will now work with South African people instead of Kenyan: 

Read the email exchange between him and Kenyan Thomas Mwangi of Nairobi County. In his email the American accuses Governor Rasanga of dismissing the Late Tom Mboya’s legacy and Thomas Mwangi of having received money without delivering what he promised. He also accuses Nairobi County speaker. Here there is a smell of a deal gone wrong.


From: Anthony Elmore
Sent: 2. april 2014 23:27
To: ‘thomas mwangi’
Copy: ‘African Press International’
Subject: RE: South Africa has Embraced the Safari Initiative!!!

Dear Mwangi:

How are you my friend?  Thanks for getting back with me.  Just two days ago Monday March 31, 2014 I met with South African Ambassador Ebrahim Rasool at his office at the South African Embassy in Washington D.C.  Ambassador Rasool made an unprecedented gesture to us.  He said “Let’s put the Cart before the house and we come to Memphis, Tennessee.”  FedEX located that cargo hub in South Africa and they had invited South African Officials to come to their headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee.  The South African official were not scheduled to come to Memphis however Ambassador Rasool made the point that South African officials can come to Memphis for a “Dual Purpose.”  They can tour FedEx and officially kick of the “Safari Initiative” scheduled in Johannesburg South Africa in July of 2014. Plans are now in force for South Africa to embrace the “Safari Initiative.”  We are at our first step.

South Africa is the largest economy in Africa and they are “Major Players” on the World Stage.  Mwangi I will assure you that the Republic of Kenya will take me serious once its officials  look at how abusive Kenya was to Anthony “Amp” Elmore.  On December 9, 2013 Siaya Governor Cornell Rasanga and over 10 Siaya Government officials came to Memphis, Tennessee regarding a Clandestine deal that they worked out with Tennessee State Representative G.A. Hardaway.  I was invited to the meeting by mistake.  The word was not to let Anthony “Amp” Elmore know about the meeting.  Kenya has “Integrity Issues.”  This is not the way to operate on the World Stage.

Governor Rasanga and the Kenyan official brought tears to my eyes when they talked so bad about Kenya leader “Tom Mboya.”  I asked the leaders to act with “integrity” as Tom Mboya did in the 1950’s as he looked out for the well-being of  Kenya.  The Kenya officials boasted that “Tom Mboya” was dead.  In America we respect our ancestors and great leaders.  Mwangi I expressed to you that the “Spirit of Mboya had touched my soul.  The reason that I came to Kenya was to honor the “Spirit of Mboya.”  Governor Rasanga made clear that he does not share our vision of African-Americans visiting Kenya.

Mwangi these are the facts:  African-Americans spend over 45 Billion a year on travel.  Kenya Ex-Ambassador Elkanah Odembo abused me.  They blocked my emails and treated with disregard and disrespect.  We met with Ambassador Odembo at the office of Congressman Steve Cohen.  The Ambassador embarrassed me when he told the Congressman that he or Kenya were not interested in any of our ideas.

On Monday March 31, 2014 South African Ambassador Ebrahim Rasool treated me with the ultimate respect.  The South African representative of International affairs thanked me for considering South Africa.  The Ambassador shared many ways that South African would help make this idea a success.  Please note that Memphis Congressman Steve Cohen sent his representative to the meeting and our Congressman supports the “Safari Initiative.”

One writer wrote about “Massive Success.”  After we make the event a success in South Africa I will no longer have to be abused by Kenya and Kenyan officials.  They will seek me out and ask me ways as to how we can help Kenya.  We have no interest at communicating with the Kenya Ministry of Culture and Sport under such circumstances.  Our plan was to take our proposal to Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta.  Nairobi Governor Dr. Evans Kidero had agreed to assist us.  We spent over $5000.00 U.S. dollars coming to Kenya.  Mwangi we paid you money to get our message to Governor Kidero.  Everyone in Kenya defaulted.  Our friend Alex Magelo and Michael Wao failed to even communicate back to us.

Mwangi when things get kicked off with South Africa I plan to come to Kenya and defend Tom Mboya.  The way Kenya treats the legacy of Tom Mboya is Shameful.  Also Mwangi we were suppose to bring the Violinist to Memphis.  When things get Kicked off we will work with other African Countries.  While I do not believe that you represented me with your best effort.  Because I am your friend I will be sure to  open an opportunity for you to work with us if you desire.   I will keep in touch.


Take Care,

Anthony “Amp” Elmore


From: thomas mwangi
Sent: Friday, March 28, 2014 6:29 AM
To: Anthony Elmore


Happy New Day To You CHAMP

I bring to your attention to the Following Opportunity.

The country of Kenya through Ministry of Culture and Sports, Cabinet Secretary Hassan WARIO to exhibit Artefacts, in Major Museum to catch eye would be tourists at one of Americas prominent Museums The Smithonian Insitute in Washington, DC. running for Two Weeks showcasing Culture and History, Sports prowess, Technology Innovations and Environmental Conservation.

The Event titled ‘Kenya Poa” is scheduled  for JUNE 24 TO JULY7TH. and will conclude with Investments Conference in Washington DC.

Event hope to GENERATE INTEREST in cultural tourism to create interest in human origins and tell the world that Kenya is possibly their ancestral land. Top of the list will be the use of the nation as the cradle of mankind home to endangered wildlife, world beaters in athletics and rugby. (scientists in Origin of life using  COSMIC DNA ELEMENTS REMNANTS FROM THE BIG BANG)

P lease followup this opportunity through Memphis State Senator to make it credible.

I  will try to see if The Cabinet Secretary can meet me  and introduce SAFARI INITIATIVE.

Go For It CHAMP,







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