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The European Union encourages mobility around the Mediterranean for arts, culture and social entrepreneurship

Posted by African Press International on March 14, 2014

BRUSSELS, Kingdom of Belgium, March 13, 2014/African Press Organization (APO)/ – The Arab Education Forum and the Istikshaf coalition, with support from the European Union, will organize the second conference on “Advocating Mobility Around the Mediterranean” from 15 – 17 March 2014, hosted by the Greater Amman Municipality at Gallery 1 hall, Ras el Ein, Amman – Jordan. The Conference aims to be a venue for sharing experiences in the Euro-Arab region on the impact of mobility for learning, allowing artists, social entrepreneurs, and youth to discuss with stakeholders their experiences of mobility and how it impacted their professional and personal journey.

The conference will bring together more than 50 researchers, activists, practitioners, policy makers, and other stakeholders from Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Netherlands, Switzerland, Comoros, Greece, Nigeria, Tunisia, Spain, UK, USA, and Syria to share their experiences, stories, research, and knowledge. It will address the many challenges and obstacles youth, artists, and activists face today in their quest for mobility and will propose practical solutions at various levels (governmental, parliamentary, civil society), and in respect of the diversity of the situations in the region.

The event will result in a mapping of associations and local authorities participating in promoting mobility, and in practical recommendations to be followed in the year 2014 – 2015 by the regional mobility network.

The Istikshaf program was launched in December 2010 by the Arab Education Forum – Safar program and the Roberto Cimetta Fund and other partners from the Arab world to develop a platform to support artistic mobility around the Mediterranean. After three years, the program grew to become a platform for support and advocacy for freedom of movement and a wide arching coalition based on grassroots work and research. Current coalition members in Jordan include: Tamasi collective, Al Balad Theatre, The King Abdullah Fund for Development, Ruwwad at Tanmiya, Amman Municipality, Tammey association for development, Ethar Journeys, Ranger association, Anna Lindh Foundation – Jordan, Debate Foundation, Ahel, Amawi Takrouri associated, and the Roberto Cimetta Fund.



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