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The New Hollywood Star Lupita Nyongo to dedicate herself to her new husband fulltime.

Posted by African Press International on March 4, 2014 Lupita Nyongo the star actor, 12 years a slaveKenya’s Lupita Nyongo who scooped Hollywood top Oscar Award the other day is now a married woman.

With her marriage to fame, she will have to find time to dedicate herself to it – the new husband who will be very demanding, because just like in a real marriage between man and woman, fame is very demanding.

This fame is now the new husband in her life and must be cared for in order to grow and be loving. If fame does not love you back when you work hard, get it and marry it, it can be very destructive!

In real marriage, if one makes mistakes they fall and fall badly. In fame, if one does not surround oneself with good qualified well-meaning PR people, they may fall and fall bad…… and never to come back.

As a young lady of 31, Lupita’s climb to fame is abrupt, but very positive for her, her family, Kenya and those in the world who love her, or those who just associate with her as a new role model. This abrupt positive climb to fame must be nurtured carefully so that the new star continues to climb up, as she herself has affirmed that the limit is the skies.

Lupita Nyongo’s journey as an actress

We, in African Press International, wish the new star well.


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