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Waves Of Extremism

Posted by African Press International on February 24, 2014

Waves Of Extremism: Part 1

Religious extremist in Kenya and particularly the coastal region is no longer a matter that can be swept under the carpet.The February 2nd police raid at Masjid Musa mosque in Majengo area, Mombasa county, may have been roundly condemned by Muslim leaders, but it also brought to light the extent to which religious extremism was taking root in the region.  Our reporter Hassan Mugambi has just returned from the coastal region where he had pitched tent for days in search of the truth behind the alleged radicalization of the youth. Here is the first part of his two — part series ”the waves of extremism”

Waves Of Extremism: Part 2

After painting for you a clearer picture of just what transpired on the fateful day of the Masjid Musa raid, our investigative team now unearths the silent tug of war between the radicals and law enforcers, one that has persisted for months now with each party flexing its muscle, in efforts to outsmart the other. The unbroken cycle of radicalization is deeply rooted in the entire coastal region despite efforts by security agencies to stem the vice.


source k24tv

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