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ICC talk: Jeff Koinange live with David Matsanga and Ken Wafula (The Hague Trial)

Posted by African Press International on February 10, 2014

Blow to Fatou Bensouda as another ICC prosecution witness withdraws

A man claiming to be a witness against deputy president William Ruto at the ICC has withdrawn from the case. The man, who says he was witness 323, claims he was among the three lined up to testify next week. He told journalists in Nakuru that he had been coached into testifying by usaid officials and ICC personnel.

Luis Moreno Ocampo opens up!

Luis Moreno Ocampo gave The Hague Trials Kenya his first media interview on the Kenyan trials since leaving office at the International Criminal Court, where he held the position of chief prosecutor from 2003 to 2012. Questions were crowd-sourced from followers of THTK’s Facebook page (…) and the interview was produced by RNW. The interview took place on 22 January 2014 at a hotel in Amsterdam.
THTK offers Kenyans and other interested audiences an independent online forum to share their experiences, thoughts and questions about the three cases before the ICC relating to Kenya’s post-election violence of 2007-2008. THTK is a project of RNW ( in partnership with This is Africa (


Deputy President William Ruto’s lead counsel Karim Khan has hinted at the possibility of asking the International Criminal Court to invite former prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo to testify on why foreign envoys in Kenya wanted President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto barred from seeking the country’s leadership prior to the March 4th 2013 election. In an interview with K24’s Apollo Kamau, Khan says Ocampo’s confessions now confirm a case gone wrong from the outset adding that an inquiry into the case involving assembly of state parties should begin.–here now are excerpts from that interview.



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