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Kenya: Kidero – Shebesh slapping saga continues

Posted by African Press International on January 15, 2014

  • By Jeff Otieno.

Abid to reconcile Nairobi Governor Dr Evans Kidero and Nairobi woman representative Rechael Shebesh has flopped a high placed source privy to a week long negotiation has confided to the press. The case is now headed to court early next week probably tuesday where both are expected to take plea.

A Nairobi court last week ruled that both politicians settle the matter amicably out of court and lawyers of the two plus some top clergy got involved though infutility.Hefty financial conditionalities is said to have featured prominently which one side of the divide termed un reasonable and tantamount to “extortion”by any standards.Both politicians are now leaning on the court to avail justice a move which most pundits view as completely far fetched and beats the spirit of unity of a country expected from leaders of their calibre. Kidero will be charged by assault and Shebesh with disturbance.

High placed sources within ODM top hierchy are however appointing an accusing finger on three senior Luo politicians of triggering the whole thing a fresh all in a bid to clip the wings of Kidero who they percieve as a threat to take over from former Prime minister Raila Odinga in the succession quest. Though Kidero is still viewed as a novice in the political circles after coming from the cooporate world with a sterling un rivalled track record, he has really entrenched his feelers in the grassroots courtesy of his rapport with women and youths through fund raisings. It is on this groung that a group of Luo politicians have been waging attacks against him lately arguing that hes undermining the party leader.

These clique of politicians are further arguing that CDF is more than enough and Kidero should shun such harambees.On scrutiny CDF is in all fairness a drop in the ocean and is just a preserve milking cow of mps and their political cronies. In a span of 8 months since he took the mantle of leadership Kidero has presided over 10 major harambees in Luo region to the chagrin of these anti development Luo political bootleakers whose main agenda is to cling on Railas cort tails and clip the wings of promising and development oriented up coming leaders.

The Governors closeness with President Uhuru Kenyatta is also a big issue for these class of politicians.Its however interesting and intriguing to note why the President couldnt intervene to reconcile the two leaders because hes capable of doing that or does he have new political game plans that we are not privy to being a shrewd politician?On these, keen pundits argue the President should have done abit better by intervening for the unity of Nairobi and the general picture of the country at large.
With all manner of crucial political hurdles against the industrious and resilient politician, people are keenly watching how he will overcome because almost every ally including politians who he has helped over the years financially have taken a back seat.Most of them are seen lunching with Shebesh posh hotels in what is believed to be a strategy to put the final nail on his head.Since the debacle last year, no single ODM or CORD member has come to Kideros defence whether its official party position is not crystal clear to many.



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