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Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta wants his Hague trial stopped

Posted by African Press International on October 11, 2013

There is no question that the president has the right to request that his trial be put to a stop.

This is happening due to the fact that there are so many witnesses lying under oath, just for the sake of money or promises of a better life in Western capitals. The promises reportedly has been given to some of the witnesses by the NGOs serving foreign powers because that is where they get their income.

This is not a good thing to do because it causes harm to families who are innocent. It has been reported by the Kenyan Standard that “President Uhuru Kenyatta Thursday requested a permanent stay of his trial at the International Criminal Court (ICC) citing abuse of the legal justice process ahead of trial commencement.”

It now remains to be seen if the court will be serious enough to see the problem arising from bribed witnesses and cause the events to be re-examined.

President Kenyatta is scheduled, according to court records, to appear in court on the 12th November this year to answer charges preferred against him following the 2007/2008 election violence in Kenya. President Uhuru Kenyatta has denied the charges.

According to the defence lawyers Steven Kay QC and Gillian Higgins, evidence has been tempered with. They have come out strongly;  saying “The Defence is in possession of substantial evidence of a serious,  sustained  and wide-ranging  abuse on the  process  of  the  Court carried out  by ( i)  Prosecution  witness   OTP-118  and  Prosecution  intermediary , and  ( ii ) Prosecution   witnesses  O TP-11  and  O TP-12.”

The team  – defence, – has now requested the court to stop the proceedings or alternatively, that an order is issued giving direction to have “evidential hearing before the start of the trial to determine the issue of abuse of process. ”




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