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The Kenya CORD Governors visit to Memphis did not leave the best Image of Kenya

Posted by African Press International on August 11, 2013

American Anthony Elmore from Memphis in his complaint about the Kenyan CORD governors who went to the US recently led by their Party leader former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, writes;

—–Original message—–

From: Anthony Elmore [mailto:anthony at]
Sent: 11. august 2013 19:13
To: ‘G. A. State Rep. Hardaway’

Topic: The Kenya Governors visit to Memphis did not leave the best Image of Kenya

“Tennessee State Representative G.A. Hardaway got “Punked out.”   The Fox 13 News Cast starts with Africa being a “Dark Country Shrouded in Mystery.”  The News Casters start their story portraying Kenya as some far away mystical place.   What happened was that the State Representative G.A. Hardaway allowed a narrative about Kenya to be Shrouded in Mystery.  Recently a few Governors from Kenya visited Memphis, Tennessee on the contingency of our introducing a plan to them called the “Safari Initiative.”  This  group of Kenyans who stole our ideas are called the “Ramogi Economic Forum.”   Their Goal was to use the Governors visit to Memphis to  secure possible investment in Kenya.  The group went about things now only the wrong way, but they caused an embarrassment to the Kenyan National Government.

The group has no knowledge of the Memphis Market or how to market development in Western Kenya. It is amazing that Western Kenya is sitting on a potential Goldmine, but they have no idea how to tap America for resources and development.  We showed them how to get Investment via our “Safari Initiative Plan.”  Education and culture is the Kenya to develop for American investment.  They should learn from Tom Mboya.

In November of 2008 a phenomenon happen in America where a White Woman from Kansas married a man from Western Kenya.  The man’s name was “Barack Obama Sr.”   The Newly elected Governor of the town where the family of Barack Obama still lives is Cornel Rasanga, who spoke on the Memphis news.  Instead of associating with President Obama, the news story did not mention that Siaya County was the Ancestral Home of the Father of our American President.  He mistakenly never mention President Obama visits his county.    I am not sure if Tennessee State Representative had this history.  This is very important to Americans. People are interested in President Obama.  There have a beautiful new resort hotel in the town and it is being fixed up wonderfully.

The other Governor Cyprian Awiti comes from a place called “Homer Bay” where the great Kenyan Legend “Tom Mboya” is buried.  Tom Mboya is one of the greatest African heroes in the 20th Century.  Tom Mboya is the man responsible for getting Barack Obama to America. The Safari Initiative use the history of Tom Mboya as a must see “Historical Visit to Kenya.”   We asked Tennessee State Representative G.A. Hardaway to write a letter to Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta as a way of encouraging the “Safari Initiative” trade deal.  We sent letters and emails to Representative Hardaway that the Governors visit to Memphis is an embarrassment to the Kenyan President.  How could Representative Hardaway arrange a Trade Deal with Kenya and he not being careful of Kenyan Governors who are thumbing their nose at the newly elected President who are purposefully in opposition to the Kenya President.  Please read our letter to Tennessee State Representative Hardaway.  We have documentation where we asked our State Representative Hardaway to write a letter on our behalf.  While he refused to write a letter Tennessee State Senator Reginald Tate did write letters.

We are asking our 9th Congressional District Congressman Steve Cohen to arrange us an appointment with the new Kenyan Ambassador and to help us to arrange a trade Deal with Kenya.  Please read our letter to Tennessee State Representative G.A. Hardaway.”


  1. – Tennessee State Representative G.A. Hardaway got punked out


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Kenya: A Senior Criminal Investigation Officer murdered

Posted by African Press International on August 11, 2013

African Press International (API)


Bungoma county residents have send their condolences to the family of the late former Kitui District criminal investigation officer Zebedeo Maina who was last week murdered under unclear circumstances.

The police officer who was shot while in an  operation  to rescue an abducted child could have been a carefully crafted death trap.

It is alleged that Maina was shot from behind by another group as he reached for his firearm to confront his assailants, sparking speculation that yet another gang was waiting for him.

Maina once headed the Kwekwe unit, formed in 2008’ during the purge on Mungiki. The unit was renamed Eagle Squad in an attempt to shake off its tainted image after an international uproar over extra-judicial killings.

Maina whi has been transferred from Bungoma to Kitui few months ago has raised an uproar over his mysterious death.According to Bungoma residents Maina…

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Whistleblower Mr Philippe Laurent hold up in a Oslo hotel since 10.07.2013; says CIA, NSA and French Intelligence out to kill him

Posted by African Press International on August 11, 2013

Mr. Philippe Laurent a man of French nationality, opens up to African Press International in a Oslo hotel where he is holed up since the 10.07.2013 fearing for his life. He says he is in danger because he is a whistleblower, who has worked against corrupt officials in high places in his native land France, and in Cambodia where he has been working for the last 4 years as the Secretary General in charge of Cambodian Airports. He represented The French Vinci company.

He says he admires the wanted American whistleblower, (turned fugitive in the eyes of the US government), Mr. Edward Snowden, who has now been granted temporary refugee status in Russia. According to him, Mr Snowden, a man Laurent says he knows, has done the right thing by exposing what the US government under President Barack Obama has been doing – spying electronically on citizens of other countries. Mr Laurent also claims that he has knowledge about American Shane Todd’s death in Singapore, saying it was murder, not suicide as has been claimed by investigating authorities.

Could this man be taking people for a ride by sensationally claiming to know what he does not know? Are these allegations to be ignored? Wisdom dictates that any allegation, – and especially as serious as these, should not be ignored without a thorough investigation. CIA, NSA and the French Intelligence are out to kill me; says Frenchman Mr Philippe Laurent, who is now holed in a Oslo Hotel in Norway fearing for his life CIANSA and the French Intelligence are out to kill me; says Frenchman Mr Philippe Laurent, who is now holed in a Oslo Hotel in Norway fearing for his life

“Frenchman Mr Philippe Laurent searching for justice”.




One on One with Frenchman Philippe Laurent” Interview Part 1 of 2

“One on One with Frenchman Philippe Laurent” Interview Part 2 of 2

Mr Philippe Laurent, The Frenchman searching for justice says his life is in danger. He says he has been victimized by the French intelligence. Now he is on the run in search for justice. At present he is temporarily staying in Norway. Mr Laurent says he wants the Norwegian authorities to protect him from the French intelligence, who he believes are out after him – supported by NSA and the CIA.

It is, however, difficult to understand why he thinks CIA and NSA are involved in this sinister affair, if as a whistleblower he has only targeted French and Cambodian corrupt leaders. When asked to explain this, Mr Laurent says he has evidence to back his case and is willing to reveal everything when he gets people who are interested is saving his life.

In our interview, he asks the Norwegian authorities to help him by saving his life. He tells African Press International that he has not lived with his wife and children for 5 years fearing he will be picked and assassinated.

The question here is whether he is speaking the truth or just making up his story. On this, Mr Laurent says, he is a strong fighter against corruption and will continue to do so even if it means loosing his life. The question that needs to be answered is why a man with a good job as Secretary General in charge of all Cambodian Airports, should leave it and escape from Cambodia to seek refuge in Norway if he is not telling the truth.

He arrived in Norway from Cambodia on the 10th of July 2013. Speaking to African Press International Mr Laurent says the French intelligence tried to have him jailed by the Cambodian police after turning to be a whistleblower on corrupt personalities in France and Cambodia.

In his search for protection, Mr Laurent has contacted, among others, the following;

Now while in the Norwegian capital Oslo in search of protection to save his live, he has contacted

  1. The Norwegian Minister of Justice Ms Grete Faremo
  2. The Norwegian Immigration Police
  3. The Norwegian National Criminal Investigation Service, (NCIS)
  4. The Norwegian Intelligence Agency (PST)
On realising that nothing is forthcoming from them, he has taken direct contact with Oslo District Court‘s President Mr Geir Engebretsen (sorenskriver) and has filed his case there – seeking to be heard.
He has also contacted;
  1. The UN Secretary General Mr Ban Ki Moon
  2. The President of the European Parliament Mr. Martin SCHULZ,
  3. The President of France Mr. Francois HOLLANDE.
  4. And The Prime Minister of France Mr Jean-Marc AYRAULT,

So far, he has received a reply from The National Criminal Investigation Service, NCIS, as evidenced here below in their communication:

From: petter.dyhre (at)
To: ph.laurent (at)
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2013 09:05:16 +0200
Subject: Your emails of 16 July


Dear Mr Laurent,

Kripos (The National Criminal Investigation Service, NCIS) has received your email and attached documents.

NCIS is a central support agency, with expertise in criminal investigation and forensic services, and an advisory body to central authorities. NCIS main mission is to render support to local police districts. NCIS do not normally receive reports directly from the public. When filing a complaint is has to be done to the nearest police station. When reading your documents our impression is that this information is not intended for investigation by the Norwegian police. When it comes to residents permit in Norway, you have as EU citizen wide opportunities. The easiest is to register with the nearest police station, and you will receive the necessary information.


Petter Dyhre

Police Superintendent



Listen to the audio below:





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