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Kenya: A mining company applauded for participating in local development

Posted by African Press International on August 8, 2013

  • By JEFF OTIENO, Kenya

Residents of God Nyango in Oyugis town Homa Bay County have applauded a local iron ore mining company for ploughing back to the community by building schools, churches, and offering employment to the locals.

The consortium company operating under the flagship Skylight Ltd  which is the first one of its kind in Sub Saharan Africa extracts from iron ore products like twisted bars,deformed bars,angles iron,window section,nails and wire rods among others.

The exploration work in Oyugis started four years ago and the main processing plant is at Awasi in Nyando Kisumu County where over 1200 locals have been employed.

Speaking to the press during a tour by some foreign engineers in both facilities, the Managing Director Janteen Patel praised the local communities for their maximum cooperation and support adding that their attitude will spur development as envisaged in the memorandum of understanding. Mr Patel further emphasised that all the agreed development plans with the locals will be adhered to its entirety.



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One on One with Mr Josef Tzegai Yohannes, the creator of The Urban Legend – A Black Super Hero

Posted by African Press International on August 8, 2013

African Press International (API)

Interview with the creator of The Urban Legend, Mr Josef Tzegai Yohannes:

 The Creator of The Urban Legend – Mr Joseph Tzegai Yohannes, Norway:

Mr Yohannes has achieved his goal – creating a black super hero, and now he says the sky is the limit when it comes to how far he intends to make the black super hero known wordwide through his comic books titled THE URBAN LEGEND.

In this clip below; you can see NRK (Norway´s national TV) follow me at Comic Con in San Diego 2012 with the superhero i created called “The Urban Legend” where i am trying to get a distribution deal. It was fun being at the Comic-Con and getting so much amazing response for a superhero i have created.

Just wait and see how big of an impact my superhero “THE URBAN LEGEND” will make on the world!


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USA: What Pennsylvania Residents Must Know About Angel’s Law

Posted by African Press International on August 8, 2013

Pennsylvania has been on the back foot as far as animal laws and issues are concerned. The alarming number of animal cruelty cases in the commonwealth must be taken seriously by lawmakers. The general consensus is that only by enforcing stringent laws on animal abuse can we hope to deter violent individuals from committing heinous acts. Angel’s law – a landmark bill – aims to increase the grading for all offenses related to animal cruelty to misdemeanor offenses.

What exactly does the bill propose?

Bill no.760 – Angel’s Law – amends Title 18 (Crimes and Offenses), and proposes raising summary offenses conducted under Section 511 (Cruelty to Animals) to a misdemeanor 3. The legislation also moves up the grading for the offense of killing, maiming or disfiguring a domestic animal or fowl, from a second degree misdemeanor to a first degree misdemeanor. Offenses committed subsequently would be deemed a felony of the third degree.

The bill also gives police and humane society officers the means and tools to charge offenders. This power can be useful in bringing abusers to light and discouraging them from attempting such acts. By acting as a strong deterrent against animal cruelty, Angel’s Law can protect the rights of innocent creatures.

An overview of changes

The proposed changes are described under different sub-sections of 5511.

–         Anyone found guilty of the acts described under section (a) – killing, maiming, poisoning or disfiguring domestic and zoo animals – can face a fine of no less than $500 or $1000. Depending on the offense, offenders can also be awarded a 2-year jail sentence.

–         Actions involving the sale or coloring of rabbits under two months of age or fowl under one month of age will be considered a misdemeanor of the third degree.

–         Individuals found guilty of intentional cruelty to animals under care – veterinary or otherwise – will face third-degree misdemeanor charges.

–         A misdemeanor of third degree also applies to the selling or using of disabled horses, transportation of animals in a cruel manner, or riding/leading/working oxen, mules, horses or mares for more than 15 hours in a 20-hour period.

–         Individuals found guilty of cutting the whole or part of a dog’s ear or vocal chords will face a third degree misdemeanor charge

–         A misdemeanor of the third degree will also apply to individuals found guilty of maiming or killing homing pigeons, and skinning and selling/buying pelts of cats and dogs.

By showing your support for this crucial legislation, you can help ensure a peaceful co-existence between humans and animals.


Written by Jen Buck – Animal Rights Activists and PAWS Supporter –


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