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“Obama, Darfur, and Genocide”

Posted by African Press International on August 1, 2013

“Civilians in Sudan’s Darfur region face wholesale destruction,” The Washington Post, July 28, 2013 (Sunday)


After years of obscurity and little reliable international reporting, the vast human catastrophe in Sudan’s Darfur region is once again in the news. It was regularly making headlines before 2008, when genocide in Darfur was already five years old and had claimed hundreds of thousands of civilian lives from the main African tribal groups, but a lack of sustained mainstream attention has meant that violence has surged effectively under the radar.

Few could have predicted that this remote and obscure region in western Sudan would galvanize American civil society. Then again, how could the loss of attention have been so rapid? …. [full text on-line:


  • Eric Reeves is a professor at Smith College and has written extensively on Sudan.

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Posted by African Press International on August 1, 2013


Residents of Oyugis Town and its environs are up in arms with the local police over what they term as conspiracy and laxity which has culminated to serious insecurity in the area. The town has been for last 6 months continuously witnessed spate of robberies,rape,killings and cattle rustling. Early this week they took to the streets to demand for immediate transfer of the area OCS a mr Shikoli an officer they allege is never found in the station and is ever shuttling pubs drinking with bunch of women at the expense of security of residents.

They further allege that for the Ocs to respond to a distress call one must part with something. ” I wonder what kind of officer we are having is it the wife or him the person incharge of Oyugis Police station”, wondered some residents who have of late formed a rapport with the wife in order for them to be assisted when there’s a problem. “Late last week there was a raid at  one of the Hotels and the residents alerted the police in time but they dint turn up and it only took the intervention of area mp Oyugi Magwanga is when they responded hours later to the chagrin of residents.

Last month a young lady was brutally attacked in Ringa at around 7am and an alarm was raised the Ocs and his team surfaced at 6pm in the evening.Two months ago a court prosecutor at the station was murdered in circumstances which are un clear to date. A magistrate in the same court is also said to have escaped death by a thread.

Early this week there was a huge demo which prompted the no nonsense Nyanza PPO Ole Tito to intervene. Even though they listened to the PPO who is industrious and is enjoying a rapport since he was posted to the province they urged him to transfer some clique of officers who they say are corrupt,are never in their stations and are ever glued in changaa dens with local prostitutes.

A  Boda Boda operative who has been tormenting the residents with glee thanks to his network with a clique of some corrupt officers was lynched by the residents this week, and before he succumbed he mentioned three of his conduit police officers.Oyugis police station is the only place in the entire country where a cash bail is never refunded and if you dare ask you may incur more trump up charges.




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Royal Canin pledges full support to FOUR PAWS in rescuing baiting bears

Posted by African Press International on August 1, 2013

 Pet food producer takes on responsibility and wishes to participate in long-term solution

Vienna, 31st July 2013 During yesterday’s meetings in Vienna, Royal Canin made a commitment to FOUR PAWS to accept responsibility: the company will support the rescue of the bears, which have been tormented during brutal dog training. The meetings were triggered by last week’s publication by FOUR PAWS of video material which exposed Royal Canin as sponsor of the cruel events in Ukraine. The publication resulted in vehement protests worldwide, intensive media reporting and a public apology by the company.

After the bear baiting was uncovered FOUR PAWS presented a project proposal to the Ukrainian government, and then yesterday also to Royal Canin. A reception station should be set up where the 15-20 bears concerned can spend the rest of their lives in species-appropriate conditions. The organisation points to its years of experience in rescuing bears and its successful management of four sanctuaries in Bulgaria, Germany, Austria and, starting a few weeks ago, in Kosovo.

Dr. Amir Khalil, Director of Project Development and chief negotiator at FOUR PAWS, explains: “I am pleased that we have now been able to sit down with Royal Canin to discuss tangible solutions. We welcome Royal Canin’s willingness to take on responsibility. But of course words alone are not enough – now we need to see actions.”

Over the next few weeks a detailed project plan will be drawn up by the FOUR PAWS and Royal Canin negotiating teams. Dr. Khalil: “As part of this we will then also work together to map out the particulars of the support.”

“Royal Canin looks forward to opening this new chapter by helping to promote animal welfare in Ukraine. Therefore, we intend to provide funding for this project. We will also take the lead in building an alliance to include additional volunteering parties (business partners, associations, NGO etc…) to ensure the project is secured for the long term”, says Hervé Marc, Global Corporate Affairs Director with Royal Canin.

Dr. Khalil emphasises that this project is only at the start: “But it is already clear that we need the support of the Ukrainian authorities if we are to end the bears’ suffering. A project like this is very demanding logistically, financially and bureaucratically, and as such it also needs a lot of time.”



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