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Harstad: Experiencing Club Kwassa Kwassa featuring DJ 99 – Guttorm Andreasen at the Arts Festival of North Norway 2013

Posted by African Press International on July 7, 2013

In the North of Norway? One will not quickly realise that, due to the type of mixed music by the re-known Norwegian DJ 99. When he plays, you do not want it to end. When he plays you want to dance the night out. When he plays African music, Caribean music and other culturally tasty music you will not know he is a white man from Norway because of the way he mixes the stuff for the revellers to enjoy. He is simply – amazing and you will not regret to be where he is playing because he does it in the spirit of music. Meaning – he is inside the music itself.

DJ 99 Mr Guttorm Andreasen, an international ambiance and magnificent man reigned at Ludo bar/concert hall – hosting his club night “CLUB KWASSA KWASSA” - DJ 99 Mr Guttorm Andreasen at the Arts Festival of North Norway 2013 – DJ 99 Mr Guttorm Andreasen at the Arts Festival of North Norway 2013

Norwegian Andreasen known from the NRK programme WASABI, plays heavy, sweaty, extremely danceable and happy butt-wagging music from Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, the Balkans, Asia and even more.

Interview with Guttorm Andreasen during the night party at the Arts Festival of North Norway 2013

We apologise the poor lighting – The video was filmed late at night inside the club when the lights were dimmed for the benefit of the guests.

The people dance the night out to all sorts of world music brought to them by amazingly qualified DJ 99!

The audience enjoy music Club Kwassa Kwassa brought and mixed for them by DJ 99 Norwegian Guttorm Andreasen who has specialised in how to mix world music with variety of rich cultures.

Part 1

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7:

Part 8:

Part 9:

In addition to playing radio shows, the Oslo-based DJ 99 has performed at festivals and clubs in the likes of Barcelona, Sevilla, London, Bishkek and Sofia, not to mention most Norwegian clubs and festivals, from Blå and Oslo World Music Festival to Nattjazz in Bergen and Insomnia in Tromsø.

This is a DJ to count on as we experienced his knowledge in world music mix at the Arts Festival of North Norway to the pleasure of music lovers.

Club Kwassa Kwassa was no doubt a mover of audience at the Festival this year. Those who were present at the dance told API that they hope the DJ will be around next year during the Jubilee festival.


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