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ICC: Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto addresses the Status Conference in the Hague

Posted by African Press International on May 16, 2013

The Status Conference which was scheduled to take place Tuesday the 14th and 15th of May 2013 started with Ruto and Sang being Present in person in the Internationa Criminal Court.

Ruto has told the court that he is a victim of falsehood. This is not far from the truth because those who have come forward to witness against him have been promised incentives – money and high class lifestyles in Western rich countries, on condition they help the prosecution convict Deputy President Ruto.

Some of the witnesses, however, have started getting cold feet, withdrawing themselves from the witness list and revealing that they were induced.

On the Wednesday, the second day of the Status Conference both accused were not rewuired by the court to be present, so with the leave of the court, they were absent. Ruto had told the court that he had scheduled to be in the Hague only one day but that he had no problem attending the proceedings on the second day if the court so ordered.



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