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Posted by African Press International on April 15, 2013


Kisumu Town West procurement officer a mr Owade is now accused of abuse of office. Owade who was formally in Kisumu North but now in Kisumu West is allegedly using some various companies to award himself contracts contrary to work ethics.

At the centre of the controversy is economic stimulous fund project where 30 milliom Kshs meant for Ojola District Hospital was awarded to a construction company operating under the flagship Mijuto construction. So far the work at the facility is hardly 70 percent done yet Mijuto has been paid his entire amounts plus retaintion which is supposed to be paid after six months on completion of work and scrutiny.

In the controversial facility,the officer is further alleged to have gone the full throttle of arm twisting the contractor to sub contract him to do electrical work at staggering millions! The officer who is hardly found in office is also accussed by local contractors of hefty financial demands before he awards any constraction work nowander his over night earthly fortunes hardly 4 years since he was posted to that position.

The multi million facility currently cant be used by residents and the contractor has no tangible reason but to blame hefty conspiracy kick backs for the stalled government project. Procurement over sight authority is also being accused for complecancy due to the fact that a few weeks ago they came for inspection in the region but deliberately ignored Ojola Hospital.

Kisumu is a wash with stalled projects and its hoped President Uhuru Kenyattas government will soon crack the whip on unsrupulous officers and conspiring brief case contractors in the region.



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