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Important lesson: Accepting situations and forging ahead in life

Posted by African Press International on April 5, 2013

By Benjamin Rutto, Kenya

When the Kenya National Examination Council released the results recently, candidates who sat their standard eight national exams were anxiously waiting to see the expected good results they will harvest.

I remember some years back, when I was in the same shoes. I was over-confident that I will score over 400 marks (that is among the best students in the country) and join a National school for the next education level. My close friend felt the opposite; he expected bad if not the worst. I encouraged him that all will be well.

On the day when the education minister released the results, I expected him to pronounce my name but it was all in vain. The next day, I was among the first to be in the shopping centre to buy the newspaper. After going through the entire top list on national and provincial schools, I still missed my name. The only remaining thing was to repeat.

Actually, I had scored 330 while my friend had 319. For me, it was a fall but he had done it. He proceeded to secondary education while I go back to find my 70 lost marks. In the race, I scored 371. I was to rewind again but was forced by my father to go to secondary school. By now, he was in form two but we both landed in provincial school.

After form four, we scored good grades with a slight margin I being a head. He went to a youth polytechnic and a year later I went to Campus. While I was in first year, he was in his final year and on my second year; he had already landed in a job. I am now in my final year whereas; he has made some development projects.

Just to encourage you, am propelled to give you this short experience. Don’t lose hope in life or education. God has good plans for you, don’t force things. There is a breakthrough in every barrier a head. Just accept the situation and forge a head.

All is well; learn from the experience of others, you have heard people terminating themselves just because of scoring low. Failing is not the end of life; you still have uncountable chances to make right your ways.




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