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Kenya: Nyanza Administration Police Commandant under probe for snatching one’s wife.

Posted by African Press International on April 1, 2013

The Government has launched investigations against Nyanza Administration Police Commander James Mwaniki over claims of attempting to snatch someone’s wife in Kisumu. Nyanza Administration Police Commander James Mwaniki Nyanza Administration Police Commander James Mwaniki

This is after an employee of a security firm in the city petitioned the Nyanza Provincial Commissioner Francis Mutie’s office claiming the senior officer was breaking his family.
In a letter dated March 25, 2013, titled ‘breakage of my marriage,’ and addressed to Mutie, the man seeks to know why the officer wants to break his marriage.
The wife is also an Administration Police officer in Kisumu the rank of a Corporal.
The letter also copied to the Nyanza Provincial Police officer Joseph Ole Tito reads in part; “Sir, as stated above, kindly assist me through your able office to know why a very senior police officer, James Mwaniki wants to break my marriage with my wife.”
He says they have been blessed with three children and would not wish to break his family. On the letter, a marriage certificate between the man and the corporal AP officer is attached.
The man further states that his wife is not Mwaniki’s escort but has been going out with him and spending night-outs without his knowledge.
“On March 2, 2013 they went to Muhuru bay and later spent a night in Migori until the following morning of March 3,” states the letter.
He says the officer at one time also called his wife with whom they spend close to eight hours at night at a club in APs camp in Shauri Moyo AP line where they reside.
“Mwaniki send an officer to call my wife. When I asked her where she was going, she said that the boss wants her to go and open for him a beer,” said the wife’s husband, adding that the wife left at 6pm and came back to the house at 1 am in the night.
According to laws and regulation of the APs, a senior officer of his rank should not be in the AP line unless on a special duty. He has been reportedly going there with reports indicating that he even sends junior officers out of the club to pave way for him and the lovebird.
The AP boss who is reportedly referred to by his junior officers as libidious is said to have been involved with three female officers based at the PC’s office. Two female officers have children with their husbands.

According to their husbands, complains have been raised over the officer’s behavior with their legally married wives.
This has even created animosity among the two latest female catch of Mr. Mwaniki. They are said to be in bad terms with each other as they are fighting over the man.
However, the junior officers have also alleged that he has been mobilizing officers to attack the husband (complainant) on the eve of, and after, the incident in order to cover his behavior. This, he did when addressing a parade at Kisumu East District and Provincial headquarters.
“We turned down such orders as we could not involve in wrong doings of somebody who wants to break the marriage of other people,” claimed the officers who could not be named due to security reasons.
When contacted whether they have received the copy of the letter, Nyanza PC Francis Mutie consented and said they have launched investigations into the matter.
“I have received a copy of the letter and even interviewed the husband over the allegations. After proper investigations I assure you action must be taken,” the PC said.
Nyanza Police boss Joseph Ole Tito also confirmed receipt of a copy of the letter. “I have seen the letter and the truth is that we belong to different departments.
It is therefore up to the Administration department to get to the bottom of the matter and make a decision concerning the allegations,” Ole Tito told API on phone when contacted for comment.
However, efforts to reach Mwaniki for comment regarding the accusations were futile by the time of going to press.


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