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How Raila Odinga’s ‘Dream Team’ led him on a Wild Goose Chase to Failure

Posted by African Press International on March 27, 2013

  • By Onyango Oneka, California – USA

I would give anything to see the look on Sarah Elderkin’s face right about now or better yet on March the 9th, 2013 when the IEBC, after five painstaking days of tallying, finally declared Uhuru Kenyatta Kenya’s Fourth President since independence.

President elect, Uhuru Kenyatta’s Full acceptance speech part 1:
President elect, Uhuru Kenyatta’s Full acceptance speech part 2:

Raila Odinga refuses to concede defeat:

The Supreme Court in disagreement with Raila Odinga


Sarah must have had nothing short of a conniption (read: heart attack) because she had single-handedly made sure that her former Lover and present Employer, Raila Amolo Odinga, would breeze into State House. Her vitriol and verbal abuse in page after page in the ODM-Controlled ‘Star Newspaper’ poured ridicule on UK while praising her ‘Client’ and in the end, she thought she’d won the ‘Propaganda’ war.
What Sarah Elderkin and her Band of self-righteous Hate-filled sycophants hadn’t realized is that the Kenya of 2013 is NOT the Kenya she operated with impunity during her ‘hey days’ at the ‘Weekly Review’. That Kenya is long gone, replaced by a tech-savvy, social media-hungry generation that doesn’t do what it’s told but does what it wants.
So let’s look at just how misguided and misconstrued RAO was by his ‘Dream Team’ of Advisors.

  • BY pushing the ICC cases against his rival and his running mate, Sarah completely miss-read and miscalculated the ‘Public’ mood. Instead of Kenyans seeing Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto as pariahs, and condemned to a fate “worse than death”, they saw through the veneer of lies and deceit and instead decided to do the opposite. By the way, the consistent perseverance of such Western-Stooges like former UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan (and his $20,000  a day Per Diem in Kenya) didn’t help the Sarah’s case much. It was too much interference and too much manipulation of a population believed to be ‘Stupid’ and ‘impressionable’ like a bunch of children.
  • BY believing the polls (now this was a classic case of ‘cooked-up’ LIES), Sarah and her misguided bunch of ‘spin-doctors’ felt they needed to tell their ‘Client’ (RAO) that he was ahead and ahead by a large margin. We now know that the Pollsters were outright LIARS and I doubt they even conducted any polls in the first place but only tried to ‘manipulate’ the numbers and ‘convince’ RAO that he was the ‘Peoples Choice. What a Farce! I mean, they couldn’t even ‘fake’ a poll to show UK was closing in. They simply twisted and turned the information around like they controlled peoples’ brains and hoped they were right in the end. How WRONG they were and what a travesty because they must have been paid a lot of money to ‘carry out’ their ‘twisted lies.’ I’m sure RAO must be kicking himself having realized he was ‘Played’ for a fool and now the pollsters are the ones laughing all the way to the bank.
  • BY surrounding himself with such sycophants as Caroli Omondi, Mohamed Isahiakhia and others like James Orengo, Anyang Nyong’o and Jakoyo Midiwo, RAO made the fatal mistake that any ‘front-runner’ makes. He let down his guard and decided to rest in the last few weeks of the Campaign. Maybe he thought his ‘numbers’ were unreachable. Or maybe he thought there was NO WAY anyone could catch-up with him. What he hadn’t anticipated was the ‘last-minute’ Countrywide canvassing by ‘Team UhuRuto’ who kept up their momentum and refused to ‘give-up.’ In the meantime, Anyang Nyong’o, Orengo and Midiwo have all been re-elected to various positions so they’re not really concerned what happens to RAO who may soon find himself becoming irrelevant and without any genuine friends. You’d be surprised at how quickly people flee when they know you’re no longer a ‘Somebody.’ I’m sure RAO is saying to himself, “I wish I hadn’t gotten rid of Miguna Miguna.”
  • Speaking of which, when the History of the 2013 election is written, I can bet you everything I own, the one ‘catalyst’ that single-handedly sunk the ‘unsinkable’ the RAO machine was none other than Miguna Miguna. If only RAO had kept him close, and given him whatever he asked for, Miguna would never have left his side. He was RAO’s most loyal ‘Guard Dog’ and he would have gone to Hell and back for him. But what did RAO do? Thanks to Sarah Elderkin’s advice, RAO dumped him like a ‘rag doll’ and went further by ridiculing him in public. No one does that to someone who ‘laid down’ his life for him. During the PEV in 2007/08 Miguna was always at RAO’s side, keeping the PNU and others at bay with is ‘intimidating’ size and ‘big words’. But this didn’t go down well with Sarah and Caroli and Isahakhia. They saw him more as a threat than an ally. This was their FATAL mistake and once Miguna jumped ship, it was just a matter of time before RAO would be relegated to the Dustbin of History. His expose of RAO and his ‘Merry men and women’ was the final nail in the ‘proverbial’ coffin.

In the next few months when RAO finally sobers up and takes stock of how he could have lost something that was within his grasp, he’ll look back and he’ll realize that Miguna was the best friend he ever had. And if he’s smart, he’ll also realize that Sarah Elderkin and Caroli Omondi and Mohamed Isahakhia were just users, out to get whatever they could while they could and as soon as the music stopped, they were out of there like a ‘Bat out of Hell.’

RAO probably would have made a decent President. But now that seems very unlikely. Some say he’s the ‘Best President Kenya NEVER had.’ His lust for power at all costs, even selling his soul to the West as well as Crooked Indian Businessmen, will reduce him to a pauper and a desperate man. Pretty soon the ‘trappings’ of power will be removed; bodyguards, chase cars, people to run his errands, people to ‘cover’ for his ‘uncontrollable’ wife and children. RAO will quickly cut a sorry and lonely figure… who could have, would have, should have been President but who in the end, failed miserably and was quickly forgotten.

There’s a lesson to learn here for future students of History.


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