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A man who never concedes defeat: Prime minister Raila Odinga wants to take over power by force everytime he loses an election.

Posted by African Press International on March 27, 2013

  • By David Ochwangi, USA
All else being equal, Prime Minister Odinga has conducted himself honorably since the March 4 elections that declared Uhuru Kenyatta the winner, relatively speaking that is, compared to 2007/2008. He has taken his grievances to court and had he followed the same path 5 years ago, Mr. Odinga would be the epitome of statesmanship and perhaps win this round by a landslide. The fact is he didn’t and I hope I haven’t spoken too soon and that there won’t be another bloodletting showdown in the offing around the corner. I think that the Prime Minister often speaks carelessly without thinking and he forgets that words matter, they can build or destroy. Even before the ink was dry on the certificate issued to Kenyatta, he publicly called the President-elect and his Deputy criminals who belong to prison and not Statehouse and has also claimed that he won the elections by a whopping 1.5 Million votes (don’t ask me who counted). To drive the point home, he filed a petition before the Supreme Court and immediately declared that the SC will rule in his favor and that his opponents should be ready to accept the SC ruling. Just as they all (including the PM) had agreed to accept the people’s verdict on March 4, Kenyatta and Ruto once again agreed to abide by the SC decision.
As far I am concerned, the IEBC failed Kenyans in a lot of respects over the last year in major ways not the least of which was its failure to register as many eligible voters as possible and also failing to announce results immediately they concluded the tallying at the polling centers. However, none of these infractions are actionable before the Supreme Court. Contrary to the PM’s petition, there is no known remedy that would result in a different outcome than the one on March 4.
Win or lose-to his credit PM Odinga has provided the country a great opportunity to test the apparatus of government. Losing is hard for anyone but nobody can contest the PM’s fighting spirit, it may be misplaced but he has great determination and I greatly applaud him for that. However, what’s germane in this matter is whether Prime Minister Odinga has raised sufficient legal challenge against IEBC and president elect Kenyatta to warrant the overturn of the elections and the answer is no. The court has to be convinced that the outcome would be different but for what CORD contends IEBC did wrong and that is practically impossible, the margins are too wide and the nation is too fatigued to endure another grueling political season just to give the Prime Minister a do-over chance. The nation’s economy depends on a stable political environment, investors are waiting to see what the court does and I don’t think the justices would ransom the whole country’s future on the basis of CORD’s unproven claims, I just don’t see how.
For those of you who had a chance to review the PM’s petition, it speaks for itself. To those of you haven’t, the PM is asking the court to nullify the March 4 elections of President elect Kenyatta primarily because a) IEBC failed to carry out proper and valid voter registration in accordance with Article 83 of the Constitution. b) In some constituencies, the number of votes cast exceeded the number of registered voters. c) IEBC allowed a mobile phone service provider to co-host both its server and that of the TNA. d) IEBC electronic results transmission systems adopted were poorly selected and designed and e)IEBC failed to conduct transparent, verifiable and accountable elections.
I don’t’ know who advises the PM but methinks that our PM has very bad advisors who have badly misled and misadvised him. They ran a roughshod job from the messy nominations that for the first time saw Kenyans around the country raucously rebel against the PM and his ODM party, to a badly run general campaign and now this poorly crafted petition. The petition does not even state a claim upon which the Supreme Court can grant remedy. Let’s just review the PM’s broad premises one by one:
  • a) IEBC failed to carry out proper and valid voter registration in accordance with Article 83 of the Constitution.
I cannot make what this assertion by the PM is all about because there is absolutely nothing in this that even remotely warrants a constitutional reference. The constitution doesn’t define or specify how voter registration should be conducted. Moreover, even for argument sake, the court granted the PM’s assertion, it still falls flat on its face because it is barred by laches and estoppel; the PM failed to assert this claim in a timely manner and frustrated his claim through his own actions as well. Specifically, the PM’s coalition parties used the IEBC voter register for their nominations countrywide and in so doing they affirmed and validated the IEBC voter register, so are we now to believe that the same voter register that was valid during CORD’s primaries is invalid now? Which is which? How does he reconcile the two? Is CORD also willing concede that its primaries were equally a sham? I mean outside of what we saw happen during the CORD primaries where losers were declared winners, who prevails, IEBC or CORD. CORD accepted and affirmed the IEBC voter register as valid back in December and proceeded to use it to conduct its primaries and there are no demonstrably material changes in that register to even warrant any additional review by the SC. This is a puny poorly crafted and misplaced claim that when viewed in tandem with the rest of the assertions renders the entire petition frivolous. CORD simply wants a second bite at the apple and unfortunately that’s not how this works.
Even granting as valid the PM’s assertion that the voter register is compromised and inaccurate the Supreme Court must still be convinced that nullifying the elections will in fact result in a different more accurate and complete voter register than what the IEBC has now. Invariably such an order by the court means an entirely new voter registration exercise otherwise it will be an exercise of futility and I cannot fathom the Supreme Court mandating such an impractical solution that is certain to render our democracy in limbo or going to that extreme. Additionally, if the SC were to grant CORD’s petition they would have also implicitly invalidated the entire elections of March 4 because our presidential elections are inexplicably intertwined with the rest of the elective offices i.e. the Governors, Senators, MPs, Councilors, etc. In other words, there is no severability in our election laws that would invalidate one outcome and not the other given the fact that all else being equal, the voting was conducted uniformly across the board. What is good for the goose is also good for the gender. If this scenario were to materialize, it would open a floodgate of election petitions that will overwhelm the court system, majority of them frivolous just because the SC overturned the March 4 elections.
  • b) In some constituencies, the number of votes cast exceeded the number of registered voters.
I am not even sure where to begin with this one, clearly this is fiction on the PM’s part, it is one of those where one throws so much mud against the wall and hope some of it stick but nowhere in the tally from the IEBC is there an incident of votes exceeding registered voters, not one (1) incident. I mean it is one thing to actually cite actual evidence but in this case the PM’s assertion falls flat on its face. Nobody is entitled to his/her own facts and the PM is no exception. I think this will be a very easy one for the SC to dispose of.
  • c) IEBC allowed a mobile phone service provider to co-host both its server and that of the TNA.

And? What does that prove? It is like saying that yahoo or google shouldn’t host millions of email accounts for its customers because there might be an inherent conflict of interest, I mean teh absurdity of it all! Of course the PM is contending that the IEBC colluded with President-elect Uhuru Kenyatta by way of the mobile phone service provider and therefore the results are compromised but this is all speculative. From what I am told what Unless the PM expected the IEBC to own the platform in question Suspicion alone is not prove of any wrong doing, the PM must prove to the court that a) there is a clear nexus between the service provider and TNA and b) such nexus in fact compromised the voting and tallying of votes. That is a tall order

  • d) IEBC electronic results transmission systems adopted were poorly selected and designed

The PM’s assertion is factually true on this but he still has to show a clear nexus between the poor selection of the transmission system and stealing of the votes. In this instance, the PM will prevail insofar as the system failure per se because it is true that the electronic results transmission system failed but the IEBC fully mitigated this failure by resorting to manual tallying. Manual tallying should have been the PM’s focus in the petition and not the electronic results transmission system, the IEBC has already acknowledged the system failed. IEBC’s structural deficiencies do not necessarily mean the elections were botched. The mode results transmission does not necessarily change the actual results, the PM has to prove the actual results transmitted were different on account of the electronic transmission system, I don’t think he or anyone else can.

  • e) IEBC failed to conduct transparent, verifiable and accountable elections.

This is hyperbole. It is a broad paintbrush laden with platitudes and speculation. I mean the difference between CORD’s own primary nominations and IEBC’s conduct of elections is night and day. The IEBC conducted 10 times cleaner elections than CORD did; CORD has unclean hands on this and I don’t think the court will entertain this argument, it has already rejected the burdensome 900 plus pages affidavit that CORD contends proves IEBC’s malfeasances. 900 pages is material amount of evidence and the fact that the court disallowed it indicates that CORD has found itself in an uphill battle- the cannot expect a ruling in their favor when such a huge chunk of evidence is inadmissible, I just don’t see how.

Truth be told, the PM knows that he lost this elections when major demographics, especially the Kalenjins left him in protest for Uhuru Kenyatta. His advisors, instead of working to win the hearts and minds of voters and registering more voters, squandered the opportunity by cooking opinion polls and lying to him instead. They didn’t do a good enough job to replace those crucial voters, not enough Kambas and Kisiis could make up for the loss. It didn’t help matters that Mudavadi also peeled off a lot of votes from the Prime Minister. Call it abhorrent but tribal politics is the mainstay of Kenyan politics, he who has the large tribes wins this thing. Uhuruto team simply had the numbers, simple as that. Even the voting patterns clearly demonstrate that, CORD’s percentage winnings in all other elective posts countrywide mirror the PM’s at the presidential level. A repeat of the elections wouldn’t magically create new voters, in fact the wrath of voters would be turned against the PM, perhaps it is time to be pragmatic and simply see this for what it is, CORD lost the presidential elections fair and square.

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How Raila Odinga’s ‘Dream Team’ led him on a Wild Goose Chase to Failure

Posted by African Press International on March 27, 2013

  • By Onyango Oneka, California – USA

I would give anything to see the look on Sarah Elderkin’s face right about now or better yet on March the 9th, 2013 when the IEBC, after five painstaking days of tallying, finally declared Uhuru Kenyatta Kenya’s Fourth President since independence.

President elect, Uhuru Kenyatta’s Full acceptance speech part 1:
President elect, Uhuru Kenyatta’s Full acceptance speech part 2:

Raila Odinga refuses to concede defeat:

The Supreme Court in disagreement with Raila Odinga


Sarah must have had nothing short of a conniption (read: heart attack) because she had single-handedly made sure that her former Lover and present Employer, Raila Amolo Odinga, would breeze into State House. Her vitriol and verbal abuse in page after page in the ODM-Controlled ‘Star Newspaper’ poured ridicule on UK while praising her ‘Client’ and in the end, she thought she’d won the ‘Propaganda’ war.
What Sarah Elderkin and her Band of self-righteous Hate-filled sycophants hadn’t realized is that the Kenya of 2013 is NOT the Kenya she operated with impunity during her ‘hey days’ at the ‘Weekly Review’. That Kenya is long gone, replaced by a tech-savvy, social media-hungry generation that doesn’t do what it’s told but does what it wants.
So let’s look at just how misguided and misconstrued RAO was by his ‘Dream Team’ of Advisors.

  • BY pushing the ICC cases against his rival and his running mate, Sarah completely miss-read and miscalculated the ‘Public’ mood. Instead of Kenyans seeing Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto as pariahs, and condemned to a fate “worse than death”, they saw through the veneer of lies and deceit and instead decided to do the opposite. By the way, the consistent perseverance of such Western-Stooges like former UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan (and his $20,000  a day Per Diem in Kenya) didn’t help the Sarah’s case much. It was too much interference and too much manipulation of a population believed to be ‘Stupid’ and ‘impressionable’ like a bunch of children.
  • BY believing the polls (now this was a classic case of ‘cooked-up’ LIES), Sarah and her misguided bunch of ‘spin-doctors’ felt they needed to tell their ‘Client’ (RAO) that he was ahead and ahead by a large margin. We now know that the Pollsters were outright LIARS and I doubt they even conducted any polls in the first place but only tried to ‘manipulate’ the numbers and ‘convince’ RAO that he was the ‘Peoples Choice. What a Farce! I mean, they couldn’t even ‘fake’ a poll to show UK was closing in. They simply twisted and turned the information around like they controlled peoples’ brains and hoped they were right in the end. How WRONG they were and what a travesty because they must have been paid a lot of money to ‘carry out’ their ‘twisted lies.’ I’m sure RAO must be kicking himself having realized he was ‘Played’ for a fool and now the pollsters are the ones laughing all the way to the bank.
  • BY surrounding himself with such sycophants as Caroli Omondi, Mohamed Isahiakhia and others like James Orengo, Anyang Nyong’o and Jakoyo Midiwo, RAO made the fatal mistake that any ‘front-runner’ makes. He let down his guard and decided to rest in the last few weeks of the Campaign. Maybe he thought his ‘numbers’ were unreachable. Or maybe he thought there was NO WAY anyone could catch-up with him. What he hadn’t anticipated was the ‘last-minute’ Countrywide canvassing by ‘Team UhuRuto’ who kept up their momentum and refused to ‘give-up.’ In the meantime, Anyang Nyong’o, Orengo and Midiwo have all been re-elected to various positions so they’re not really concerned what happens to RAO who may soon find himself becoming irrelevant and without any genuine friends. You’d be surprised at how quickly people flee when they know you’re no longer a ‘Somebody.’ I’m sure RAO is saying to himself, “I wish I hadn’t gotten rid of Miguna Miguna.”
  • Speaking of which, when the History of the 2013 election is written, I can bet you everything I own, the one ‘catalyst’ that single-handedly sunk the ‘unsinkable’ the RAO machine was none other than Miguna Miguna. If only RAO had kept him close, and given him whatever he asked for, Miguna would never have left his side. He was RAO’s most loyal ‘Guard Dog’ and he would have gone to Hell and back for him. But what did RAO do? Thanks to Sarah Elderkin’s advice, RAO dumped him like a ‘rag doll’ and went further by ridiculing him in public. No one does that to someone who ‘laid down’ his life for him. During the PEV in 2007/08 Miguna was always at RAO’s side, keeping the PNU and others at bay with is ‘intimidating’ size and ‘big words’. But this didn’t go down well with Sarah and Caroli and Isahakhia. They saw him more as a threat than an ally. This was their FATAL mistake and once Miguna jumped ship, it was just a matter of time before RAO would be relegated to the Dustbin of History. His expose of RAO and his ‘Merry men and women’ was the final nail in the ‘proverbial’ coffin.

In the next few months when RAO finally sobers up and takes stock of how he could have lost something that was within his grasp, he’ll look back and he’ll realize that Miguna was the best friend he ever had. And if he’s smart, he’ll also realize that Sarah Elderkin and Caroli Omondi and Mohamed Isahakhia were just users, out to get whatever they could while they could and as soon as the music stopped, they were out of there like a ‘Bat out of Hell.’

RAO probably would have made a decent President. But now that seems very unlikely. Some say he’s the ‘Best President Kenya NEVER had.’ His lust for power at all costs, even selling his soul to the West as well as Crooked Indian Businessmen, will reduce him to a pauper and a desperate man. Pretty soon the ‘trappings’ of power will be removed; bodyguards, chase cars, people to run his errands, people to ‘cover’ for his ‘uncontrollable’ wife and children. RAO will quickly cut a sorry and lonely figure… who could have, would have, should have been President but who in the end, failed miserably and was quickly forgotten.

There’s a lesson to learn here for future students of History.


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ICC: TFV Board of Directors raises reparations reserve to 1.8 million euros

Posted by African Press International on March 27, 2013

The Board of Directors of the Trust Fund for Victims (TFV) at the International Criminal Court (ICC) decided to raise the Fund’s reparations reserve from 1.2 million to 1.8 million euros, maintaining the reserve at one third of the total resources currently available to the TFV.

The TFV Board met in The Hague for its 10th annual meeting during 19-21 March 2013. Under the chairmanship of Mr Motoo Noguchi, the Board consulted with the TFV Secretariat and deliberated on financial, operational and strategic issues.

During the meeting, the TFV Board had occasion to exchange with the President of the Assembly of States Parties, the Heads of Organs of the ICC, as well as with representatives of civil society organisations.

Chair of the Board Noguchi stated that the Trust Fund “is on the verge of entering a defining phase in its development as a key institution within the framework of the Rome Statute. We should continue to assert the Trust Fund as an innovative and effective institution that works to achieve reparative ju stice to victims. Our ambition is to further strengthen the Fund’s capacity to this purpose.”

The TFV Board stresses the importance of a victims-centered approach in engaging with victims and affected communities within the jurisdiction of the ICC, in order to achieve a meaningful and appropriate response to the harm caused by serious international crimes.

The Board notes that contributions by States Parties continue to be on the rise. They are increasingly characterised by the desire of States Parties to develop longer-term, policybased partnerships with the TFV.

All voluntary contributions, modest and voluminous, are very much welcomed by the Trust Fund, as they represent a commitment to the cause of reparative justice for victims as enshrined in the Rome Statute system. The Board expresses the wish that in three years time, all States Parties will have come to the support of the Trust Fund to the best of their financial abilities.

The TFV Board adopted a road map for the development of a Strategic Plan (20= 14-2017), which provides for a consultative approach to engage with victims and other stakeholders, including States Parties, the ICC, international and locally based civil society organisations, as well as international organi= sations.

Source: Trust Fund for Victims

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