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Examining the Fallout from Kenyan Presidential Election

Posted by African Press International on March 14, 2013

President-elect Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy Hon. Ruto gets a boost from US’s Jendayi former senior member in former president George Bush jr’s government.



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Malawi Detained Minister’s Health Improves

Posted by African Press International on March 14, 2013

  • By Joel Chirwa

Lilongwe, 12 March: Malawi Economic Planning and Development Minister Goodall Gondwe health has improved a day after collapsing from heart attack few hours after his arrest and remand in police custody.

Gondwe is among 11 people who were picked by Malawi police yesterday for allegedly  trying to block incumbent President Joyce Banda from succeeding former President Bingu wa Mutharika who died  in April last year after suffering cardiac arrest.

According to his personal doctor, Dr Hetherwick Ntaba, Gondwe health has now normalized hours after his admission for hypertension to a privately owned medical facility in the capital Lilongwe.

“Honorable Gondwe is now feeling better. His blood pressure has normalized. He is only complaining of back pain. One of the things that happened while in police cell is that he collapsed in the process he injured his back. But the doctors are currently observing him closely,” said Ntaba in an interview aired today.

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) officials and former First Lady, Callista Mutharika has described the arrests as politically motivated.

“People were saying women make better leaders. We thought this woman would bring better environment. What are we seeing now? When on podium she is fond of preaching forgiveness and even quoting biblical verses. But is this forgiveness?” she queried.

The view shared by DPP Deputy Publicist Francis Kasaira who said in an interview today (Tuesday) that the Commission of Inquiry into the death of Mutharika and transition to Banda rule was not necessary arguing the government needed to consult the family of the former deceased president.

“Bingu is not the first serving president to die while in office. It has happened elsewhere like in Zambia. The Commission of Inquiry [in this matter] was not necessary. The family [of the deceased president] also would have been consulted but were not,” said Kasaira.

He added that the family of deceased president had gone through enough pain for the loss of their relative.

But the government through Information Minister Moses Kunkuyu dismissed the claims that there was no political motive in the matter saying it was purely a security matter.
“The law enforcement agencies are of strong view that several criminal were committed by curtained individuals mentioned in the report. It is these law enforcement agencies that have detected these criminal activities. And not all those who have arrested are politicians. They (police) are simply doing their work,” said Kunkuyu

Yesterday DPP supporters have been staged violent protest by smashing cars, blocking roads with burning tyres, while singing anti government songs in capital Lilongwe and commercial city Blantyre. But anti-riot police moved and fired several rounds of tear gas to quell the fracas.

Similar scenes occurred again today in Lilongwe where the suspects are currently held. Scores of DPP supporters who earlier thronged the premises of Lilongwe Magistrates Court where the suspects were due for bail hearings engaged police in running battles later in the afternoon after the state had failed to produce the accused persons to court.

By the time this reporter was filing this report, there were doubts on the possibility of the suspects being granted bail amidst reports that the bail hearing have been shifted to Thursday this week.

Under Malawi Constitution the Vice President is supposed to take the reins of power when the President has died or incapacitated.

Mutharika died suddenly on 5 April after suffering massive heart attack. His death was not officially announced for two days though international media had announced his death a day later courting unnamed senior government officials and international diplomatic sources.

The death announcement was deliberately delayed in order to work out a succession plan that was schemed to block the then Vice President Joyce Banda who was fired from the Democratic Progressive Party and formed her on People`s Party to ascend to Presidential seat.

But when this appeared to be not adding up, some tried to convince the army to take over but Malawi military leadership turned down the request, insisting that the Constitution had to be respected.

The action which Malawi Constitutional Law expert, Dr Edge Kanyongolo said in an interview published yesterday was in violation of the law of the country.

“Joyce Banda had already become president by operation of the law. Any attempt to set up parallel presidency or to replace her by force or other unlawful means was tantamount to treason,” he said.

He also added that even concealment of the death the president was an offence.




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Kenya: Kisumu Asian tycoon in a major sex scandal,caught in the act.

Posted by African Press International on March 14, 2013

The notoriously amorous Kisumu based Asian business magnate,was ultimately caught red handed in a man’s house having “good time” with an African woman wife and beaten close to death, by the husband, in one of the estates bordering Moi stadium.

It all started when the youthful husband, who too, is of an African descent and a renowned businessman in the lakeside city, started receiving scanty information late last year over the illicit affair and consequently mounted a well oiled intelligence network, to bust and nab the newfound lovebirds.

The Asian Tycoon’s business premises in Kisumu-Kenya:


And acting on a tip off from a reliable hawk eyed informant, the disgruntled husband was phoned that the libidinous Asian tycoon a Mr Bachulal has closed his shop for lunch break and that he is driving, with the first sojourn being the residence of his new catch, en-route to his house at the posh estate of millimani.

With his car-a fuel guzzler light blue pajero of KAH series- improperly packed outside the gate and unaware that the aggrieved husband to the immoral woman was privy to the offing marathon love making, the bespectacled Bachulal disembarked from the vehicle, adjusted his spectacle, bravely opened the gate and confidently proceeded to the house where he was whisked directly to the bedroom by the lady, who is a mother of three.

No sooner had he reached the midstream of the sweet natural game, than the husband who was breathing and spitting fire, flanked with the battery of journalists that he had alerted earlier over the shameful matter: Struck.

By-heart kicks, blows and other assorted weapons was rained on the besieged randy Asian from all angles by the jilted husband, that saw him screaming through-out like a fateful goat that has sensed its destined to abattoir and that its earthly days is numbered since its going to be slaughtered. Thanks to the promiscuous woman‘ athletic prowess, for she managed to slip and escaped the husband’s physical wrath, by a whisker.

And on a brief interview conducted by the scribes at the sour-love- scene as to why he is doing that : “I came here to sell my vehicle, she told me to come” he claimed while stammering and shaking visibly.

And pressed further, why the sale transaction had to take place in the bedroom with both the seller and would be buyer all in their birth suits(read naked): ”Tafadhali ambia bwana ya mama samea mimi! pana rudia tena! sisi yote wanaume! Please tell the husband to forgive me…i’ll never do it again….we are all men” Pleaded fruitlessly, the bulky Asian, who was a victim of a crime of passion, as tears roll down his chicks uncontrollably.

The ugly though consensual incident, left in its wake, a trail of broken household equipments and sexual paraphernalia (libido enhancers, condoms among others) spewed all over the house.

To non-starters, the amorous Asian whose sexual escapades has allegedly taken Kisumu city and its environ for decades by storm, is a man of repute and talent in a rare, though much loathed field. He has Single-handedly and successfully broken many marriages courtesy of his unrelenting extension of sexual overtures to married women, claimed further by those who are abreast to his immorality world.

Not left out in his alleged dragnet of unquenched thirst for pedophile operations, are the downtrodden minor female lot who are lusting for materialistic and luxurious lifestyle, but they are monetarily unsound. He showers them with niceties to the chagrin of the society.

By the time of going to the press,”the bull of Kisumu Asians” who deals with shell gases along Obote road, was reportedly bedridden, hospitalized, nursing servere bruises inflicted on him courtesy of a botched ex-marital affair.


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World leaders congratulate the new Pope

Posted by African Press International on March 14, 2013

Argentina's cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, elected Pope Francis I (C) appears with cardinals at the window of St Peter's Basilica after being elected the 266th pope of the Roman Catholic Church on March 13, 2013 at the Vatican. AFP PHOTO

Argentina‘s cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, becomes Pope Francis I. He is the 266th pope of the Roman Catholic Church.

the Vatican. AFP PHOTO

World leaders have congratulated Pope Francis I on his election as the spiritual leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics.

On Wednesday, the 76-year-old emerged from the balcony of St Peter’s Basilica to the shouts of joy of “Habemus Papam!” 

Those who know him say he will make a good Pope for the the Catholics.



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