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Posted by African Press International on March 1, 2013


Ally-Khan Satchu, a financial analyst based in Nairobi Kenya reckons in one of his publications that China– Africa trade has grown from nearly $0 to above $ 100bn in a decade. A very rapid and near-term phenomenon.

But it was Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte who once remarked that china was a dormant giant and that when it awakes; the whole world will tremble. Well, it turns out that those words were indeed not mere words but prophetic. With the dawn of this prophecy, china has indeed awoken and the effect reverberates across the world.

China like a bat has forever remained “blind”, guarded and studiously quiet when it comes to the dirty game of politics in Africa.Mr. Magutt ; who teaches politics and international studies at Kenyatta University in Nairobi writing for one of the local dailies notes that china lets the “usual suspects”- the U.K and  U.S do what they’re best known for harangue, tyranise and dictate to Kenyans and Africa who not to vote for.

The big question that needs to be driven home is: as a global super power; what is china’s position on Kenya’s elections?

I hesitate on that “big question” because as for me the fact is the point has already been driven home and what is more, even accepted!

So, will china give a formal statement with regards to Kenya’s elections? Probably not! And with the look of things, that will not surprise me nor will it surprise the rest of the world.

Why you ask? Stick around and you will know why. See, president Kibaki’s administration leaned on the sino-kenya relations and trade have been to say the least; robust steadily eclipsing the so-called traditional partners in the West.

But the reason why China will not give a formal statement as Mr. Magutt reckons is that china is increasingly occupying a special place in African countries because it is a nation whose civilization and history was built on humanity; hard work and respect for others.

Probably that is why many African countries are leaning towards china’s primary intention of settling more trade and investment. And as Napoleon predicted 200 years ago, china is no longer dormant but an indispensable global player.




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